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Kinguin's Remarkable 2023: A Year of Innovation, Growth, and Community

As we look back on 2023, we are filled with pride and excitement for the milestones we have achieved. This year marked our 10th anniversary, and we celebrated this momentous occasion by introducing a host of innovative features and expanding our reach to millions of gamers around the world.

Business Growth

Kinguin's remarkable growth in 2023 was evident across all key metrics. We experienced a substantial 23% increase in total orders compared to 2022, demonstrating the heightened demand for our services and the expanding reach of our platform. Our revenue soared by an impressive 35%, reflecting the growing value we provide to gamers worldwide. Additionally, our Gross profit surged by 21%, highlighting our efficient operations and ability to generate sustainable profitability. 

17 Million Registered Accounts

Our commitment to providing gamers with the best possible digital goods has resulted in a remarkable growth in our user base. We reached a staggering 17 million registered accounts in 2023, solidifying our position as a leading digital marketplace for gamers. 

Open Banking Payments

We made a significant step towards a more secure and convenient payment experience by introducing Open Banking payments, with the inclusion of over 500 banks through our checkout process. This innovative technology allows users to securely share their financial information, like banking transactions and account details, with other authorised organisations through digital channels.

Kinguin EPC Bootcamps

We empowered aspiring esports professionals by hosting 115 bootcamps and 8 big events at our Kinguin Esports Performance Center (EPC). These intensive training sessions provided aspiring gamers with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in the competitive esports landscape.

Google Based Digital Transformation Event

Together with our partner, Google, we organized a technological event called Kinguin&Friends: Google Based Digital Transformation, showcasing our dedication to adopting cutting-edge technologies that enhance our operations and provide a superior user experience. 

Kinguin at Gamescom

We made our presence felt at Gamescom, the world's largest gaming event, connecting with partners and exploring new business areas. This allowed us to deepen our connections within the gaming industry and pave the way for innovative collaborations.

Kinguin Vouchers in Kolporter and Carrefour

We expanded our reach by partnering with Kolporter (Poland) and Carrefour (Romania) to offer Kinguin vouchers. This strategic move enabled us to introduce our products to a wider audience and provide gamers with more convenient ways to purchase digital goods.

Sneak Out Demo and Playtest Results

Sneak Out, the first game developed by Kinguin Studios, generated immense excitement among gamers. The demo and playtest garnered very positive community feedback and Steam sessions, exceeding our expectations. With the upcoming release in 2024 we cannot wait to share this remarkable experience with the global gaming community.

Guest Checkout

We enhanced the user experience by introducing Guest Checkout, allowing users to make purchases without creating an account. This feature has streamlined the checkout process and made it more convenient for gamers to access our vast array of digital goods. 

Record-Breaking Year in Kinguin Esports Lounge

Our Kinguin Esports Lounge experienced a record-breaking year, with a surge in attendance and number of events. The lounge has become a hub for gaming enthusiasts, providing them with a unique space to connect, compete, and experience the thrill of gaming firsthand. We concluded the year with the 10th anniversary event held in Kinguin Esports Lounge. 

Looking Ahead to 2024

As we embark on 2024, Kinguin remains steadfast in our commitment to innovation and growth, fueled by our unwavering passion for serving gamers worldwide. We are excited to unveil a series of groundbreaking features that will transform the digital entertainment landscape and solidify our position as the most open and accessible destination for gamers globally.

Our vision extends beyond mere transactions; we aspire to create an unparalleled digital entertainment playground where gamers can seamlessly access a vast array of products and services, all while prioritizing security, transparency, and inclusivity. We envision a world where gamers are empowered to express themselves freely, collaborate seamlessly, and experience the thrill of gaming in its purest form.

In 2024, we will continue to push the boundaries of innovation, exploring cutting-edge technologies and forging strategic partnerships that will revolutionize the gaming experience for our passionate community. Stay tuned as we unveil new and exciting features that will redefine the possibilities of digital entertainment.