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Kinguin Hits 17 Million Users, Celebrates a Decade of Gaming Success, and Achieves Remarkable Growth!

Kinguin, the leading digital marketplace for gamers, proudly announces a colossal milestone: 17 million registered users on the platform! This achievement is not only a testament to our thriving community but also marks a decade of redefining the gaming experience. Kinguin is celebrating its impressive 10-year anniversary!

Since the beginning of 2023, Kinguin has experienced substantial growth, with over 70% of our users hailing from the diverse gaming communities of Europe. Germany leads the way, contributing a significant 16% to our ever-expanding user base. Following closely is the entirety of North America, accounting for 18%, with the United States claiming a commendable 14%. South America secures its spot as the third continent in terms of user distribution, with 5% of all Kinguin users.

"In the past five years, Kinguin has experienced phenomenal growth, boasting an astonishing 105% increase in registered users. I remember when back in 2019, we were celebrating 8 million users, and now reaching 17 million is something truly amazing! Our journey has been fueled by the unwavering trust and dedication of our incredible community. Thank you for being a part of this incredible ride," says Viktor Romaniuk, Founder and CEO at Kinguin.

Age Breakdown:

Diversity remains at the core of the Kinguin community, as evidenced by our age breakdown. Users below 24 years old constitute a whopping 44% of our platform, showcasing our broad appeal across generations. The age group of 25-34 comprises 27%, while 35-44 and 45+ make up 14% and 15%, respectively. This varied age distribution underscores Kinguin's commitment to catering to gamers of all ages and preferences.

Language Preferences:

Our users embody a diverse linguistic palette, and language selection on Kinguin mirrors this global diversity. English stands out as the most widely chosen language, with 36% of users opting for it. German secures the second spot with 16%, closely followed by Polish, chosen by 12% of our community. This linguistic variety enhances the accessibility and inclusivity of Kinguin for users worldwide.

Gender Representation:

Breaking stereotypes in the gaming world, Kinguin is pleased to note a significant increase in female users. Since the beginning of the year, 22% of our users are female, highlighting the expanding and inclusive nature of our platform. We are committed to fostering a gaming environment that welcomes and celebrates all gamers, regardless of gender.

As if that's not exciting enough, this year marks the 10th anniversary of Kinguin! A decade of growth, innovation, and, most importantly, incredible gaming experiences shared with you, our dedicated community. The journey to 17 million users is a testament to the trust and support you've placed in us over the years. We're not just celebrating numbers; we're celebrating a decade of shaping the gaming landscape.

Here's to a decade of gaming excellence and many more adventures to come!