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A Leap Forward: Kinguin's Innovative Rotating CEO Concept

As of August 2nd, 2023, Viktor Romaniuk will become the new Acting CEO of Kinguin, continuing the innovative Rotating CEO concept that has guided Kinguin's success over the past two years. 

Two years ago at Kinguin, we embarked on an uncharted journey by implementing the concept of a Rotating CEO. A seemingly unconventional idea, this model of leadership was designed to maintain our agility, foster innovation, and drive us towards our ambitious Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) targets, while helping us to navigate the challenging landscapes that often accompany such growth.

Why introduce a 6 months rotating CEO structure? Traditional leadership models, while effective, often put immense pressure on a single individual. CEOs carry the weight of the entire company's success, often leading to long work hours, high-pressure decision making, and a work-life imbalance. With the advent of technology, the expectation for CEOs to be 'always on' further contributes to stress and the risk of burnout.

With our Rotating CEO approach at Kinguin, we have:

  • Diversity of Perspective: Each rotating CEO brings unique perspectives to the table, rooted in their distinct experiences and expertise. This diversity enriches our decision-making processes and sparks innovative strategies and solutions.
  • Shared Responsibility: Rotating the role of the CEO helps us to share the immense responsibility and stress, leading to more balanced leadership and a fresh, energized approach.
  • Team Building: Shared leadership fosters unity and collaboration at the executive level, promoting seamless transitions and consistent strategic execution.

So, has our unconventional approach been successful? Absolutely. Since the implementation of the Acting CEO model, we have almost tripled our GMV, significantly improving our processes and workflows. This success is testament to the power of perspective diversity and shared responsibility in driving growth and resilience.

As we welcome Viktor Romaniuk to his new role as Acting CEO, we pause to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of our former Acting CEO Robert Kalbarczyk, whose leadership has been instrumental in our journey thus far. Viktor's appointment ensures a smooth continuation of our strategy, as we remain committed to our mission of making gaming accessible and inclusive for everyone and to our vision of becoming the world's most open digital entertainment playground.

This innovative approach to leadership is one of the many ways we, at Kinguin, strive to challenge the status quo, disrupt traditional business models, and keep our sights set on the future. By openly sharing our journey, we hope to inspire other organizations to explore diverse leadership structures, promoting innovation, growth, and resilience in an ever-changing business landscape.

Here’s to continued innovation, unity, and shared success in the face of exciting challenges ahead!