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  • Valentin Houssais

    Valentin Houssais

    VP of Growth

  • Adrianna Borkowska

    Adrianna Borkowska

    Digital Designer

  • Izabela Baranowska

    Izabela Baranowska

    Organizational Development Manager

  • Robert Kalbarczyk

    Robert Kalbarczyk

    Partner and Chief Executive Officer

  • Michał Kaczmarek

    Michał Kaczmarek

    Chief Gaming Officer

What makes a Kinguiner

A Kinguiner can wear many hats - a developer, an accountant, a marketing specialist. A social butterfly or a quiet hero. But what brings us all together is the love we have for gaming, esports and innovation. As fun as working in Kinguin is, every job comes with challenges. As Kinguiners, we’re in this together. We work as a team and support each other every day, all working towards the same big goals to create something truly epic. We want you to be the boldest, bravest and best version of yourself. This requires space to learn from your mistakes, share ideas and think outside the box. It also means that we want you to grow and develop, at work and after hours. Being a Kinguiner comes from a place of passion and hunger for life, and that’s what we want you to bring to work every day!


Our values don’t just define us - we define them. To boil down the nature of Kinguin to just three traits, we did what we always do - we asked Kinguiners.

These aren’t just what we aim to be, but truly what we are and how we work every single day. These values are a representation of our culture - the beating heart of Kinguin, the thing that makes us tick, the way in which we are different.


We all came here for a reason, we never lose sight of it.

We want people to bring all their passions to work with them. You are the change-makers and we want those big, crazy ideas popping out from everywhere. Whether it be on your Twitter feed or your team’s weekly, let that passion run wild!


We act with empathy, care, and respect for all stakeholders, fostering a sense of belonging for colleagues and customers.

We really want our Kinguiners to be happy - and our way to ensure that is to be kind, empathetic and to genuinely care. With so much happening around us in the world, we want to make sure you’re doing OK - and if you’re not, we’ll work with you to help and support you as much as we can.


We act with purpose and measure the results to drive positive impact in everything we do.

We’re not messing about - we mean business around here. We know that by everyone pulling together to hit our commercial goals and sales, we will smash it. As Kinguin grows and succeeds, we as people grow and succeed. We give it our all - no stone left unturned and all that, but seriously, we are laser-targeted in our quest for being one of the best companies to work for on the planet.

Endless Possibilities

Kinguiners are achievement hunters - you can blame our gaming origins.

There’s nothing more satisfying than collecting that trophy you’ve been working hard to earn, and we think that same logic can be applied to your professional life. We want our colleagues to constantly be striving for that next achievement, that next trophy, and we want to give them the tools to hunt out those achievements at work.

Personal Development

Opportunities for growth, whether that’s within your role or by moving to a new one, are one of the most important things we can offer you here at Kinguin. If a new role opens up on our team, we’re just as likely to look among our Kinguiners for the perfect candidate as we are to look to the wider world. We’ve already hired them once, so why shouldn’t we do it again? And what about those Kinguiners who already enjoy what they are doing, but still want to develop their skills? We are glad to report that we got that covered too! We continuously organize workshops and webinars for our employees, both externally and internally, and make sure they include as many Kinguiners as possible. Through training, support and coaching from our team, your managers and external and internal trainers, we will provide you with everything you need to develop an amazing career. Gaining and sharing knowledge is something we couldn’t go without in this wild and ever-changing industry, and Kinguiners are always hungry to learn! We’re immensely proud of the opportunities we create for our people - because we know that when you grow, we grow.

Working together

We love mashing up our teams and doing loads of cross-departmental work - often the best innovation comes from bringing two totally different ideas together and these types of collabs enable the really epic initiatives to develop. It’s all about layering on our unique perspectives and input, so we actively encourage you to share your views on projects - even ones which might not be your area of expertise. We’re really curious here at Kinguin - always on the lookout for the best talent anywhere in the world to help us imagine and build these jaw dropping digital entertainment experiences.


We know our Kinguiners are the best of the best. And we want to make sure they know it too. We’re all about teamwork here at Kinguin. Your colleagues aren’t your rivals – they’re your collaborators, and we believe that the best collaboration happens in a safe, supportive environment. Nobody knows what you’re capable of better than the people that work with you day in, day out, and so nobody is better equipped to shout out your successes than those colleagues.


It’s all about walking the walk and talking the talk. The more we talk and share, we collaborate more, we build on each other’s thinking and create better and better work. We constantly challenge and chat things through - we debate, we celebrate each other’s big ideas. We encourage people to ask for feedback and not to get defensive or protective. It’s all about working together as a really high performing team to get results we’re proud of. From weekly meetings to internal sharing groups and project consultations, the floor is open for you to share your thoughts and ideas.


We trust our Kinguiners to tell us how we’re doing, whether it’s good, bad, or somewhere in the between. Whether you’ve been here since our humble origins in 2013, or are brand - new to the company, we know your opinions and ideas are one of the most powerful tools we have to fulfill our vision. We run regular surveys among Kinguiners to understand our feelings, what’s working, what’s not - and how we could improve. We feed in from every level and every person to inform the thinking, plans and direction of the company. Kinguin grows thanks to the Kinguiners.

Kinguin Unplugged

Check out just some of the ways that we show major love to our people and superstars of the future.

  • Kinguin Summer Retreat

    For some people, a summer weekend spent with their coworkers could seem like a weird idea - but in a company where 70% of employees consider their great team members to be one of the biggest assets, things are a little different. For us, every opportunity to hang out together is a cherished one. Sure, we have a fully packed agenda of team-building activities and parties, but the real magic lies in spending the afternoon chilling in the sun, talking and getting to know each other in a very different, casual context.

  • Holidays

    Every year we celebrate the Winter Holidays together - with gifts, wishes and, if a global pandemic doesn’t get in our way, parties. It’s a great opportunity to wind down during the intense season for our industry. It’s also a time to celebrate the year’s achievements, both the company’s and individual ones. Kinguiners outside of Poland get a chance to do this, too - just check out the dreamy dinner on a boat our team in the Philippines enjoyed in 2022!

  • Kinguin Football Team

    Football is a big deal in Poland. No, I mean it - it’s a BIG deal. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that plenty of Kinguiners are interested in not just watching it, but actually kicking some ball around themselves! This is how the Kinguin Football Team in Warsaw came to be - just a handful of guys wanting to hang out and play together after hours. Now we can be proud to have them represent us in Ligowiec Biznes, an amateur business league!