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Sneak Out Playtest Exceed Expectations! Highly Anticipated Release in 2024!

Sneak Out, the highly-anticipated multiplayer game from Kinguin Studios, recently concluded its playtest phase, and the results are nothing short of extraordinary. Sneak Out invites players to enjoy an exciting adventure in a captivating environment, where they interact with fellow gamers, enjoy thrilling rides, complete challenging tasks, and engage in an array of exciting games. At the heart of this immersive experience lies the heart-pounding Hide & Seek adventure, set within the eerie confines. In this article, we delve into the playtest results, providing insights into the game's success and its growing popularity.

The Thrilling Hide & Seek Adventure

Sneak Out is an exciting adventure where up to six players can participate, with one of them randomly chosen as the Seeker. The remaining players must employ cunning strategies, solve tasks, and utilize stealth tactics to survive within the eerie locations while evading the relentless Seeker. The ultimate objective is to outsmart the Seeker and secure their survival until the escape portal opens. Sneak Out offers a unique and captivating take on the classic game of Hide & Seek, promising hours of fun and excitement for players of all ages.

Watch the Sneak Out gameplay trailer:

Playtest on Steam

The playtest phase for Sneak Out was hosted on the popular gaming platform Steam and lasted from October 23th to November 1st. During this period, the game was played by an impressive 180,978 unique players, demonstrating the game's wide appeal and ability to engage a diverse audience.

Playtest Success and Player Engagement: Sneak Out's Impressive Statistics 

During the playtest, Sneak Out delivered impressive results, with a total of 346,941 games played, highlighting the game's engaging gameplay. Players also accumulated an astonishing 29,678,069 in-game coins, reflecting the depth of the in-game economy. The game reached a peak concurrent player count of 4,238, showcasing its broad appeal and ability to draw in a large audience simultaneously. Sneak Out experienced strong and sustained daily growth, affirming its high demand and anticipation as it approaches its global launch in 2024. Global Ranking

Sneak Out's popularity extends beyond Steam itself. The game has garnered significant attention on, where it holds the impressive position of number 1 globally. This achievement reflects the game's rapid rise and its status as a highly anticipated title among the gaming community.

Filip Zieliński, Lead Developer at Kinguin Studios, shared his excitement about the playtest results, stating, "We're thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive response to Sneak Out. The playtest results have exceeded our wildest expectations, and we're grateful to our dedicated player community for their support. We can't wait to bring the full gaming experience to our audience and continue to surprise and delight players with what's in store."

Global Launch in 2024

As the excitement surrounding Sneak Out continues to build, the global launch of the game is planned for 2024. Players can look forward to experiencing the full adventure, along with new surprises and challenges. The anticipation for the game's official release is steadily growing, and it promises to be one of the most eagerly awaited gaming experiences of the year. As the clock ticks down to 2024, it's clear that Sneak Out is a game that players won't want to miss.