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Kinguin&Friends: Google Based Digital Transformation - Event Recap

We recently had the pleasure of hosting an extraordinary event, Kinguin&Friends: Google Based Digital Transformation. This event brought together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to explore the exciting world of digital transformation and its collaboration with Google Cloud. In case you missed it, we've got you covered! Read on for a recap of the event and find links to the video recap and insightful interviews with our very own CTO, Marek Fila, and a Google Sales Representative, Maciej Buczkowski. 

The event took place on June 15, at The Warsaw Hub, which serves as the Warsaw headquarters of Google. It lasted 4 hours, offering attendees an engaging experience. There were numerous participants, including people from Google Cloud, Velo Bank, GG League, Exaco, APN promis, BatMaid, Syntech or some students from the Warsaw School of Economics and Warsaw University of Technology. We had a great opportunity to network and exchange ideas. Throughout the event, we delved into several key areas that are shaping the digital landscape. 


  • Application Programming Interface (API): We explored the significance of APIs in enabling seamless integration and driving innovation in digital transformations.
  • Transformation to Data Driven Organization: The event focused on the importance of leveraging data-driven strategies to optimize operations, enhance decision-making, and unlock new opportunities.
  • Panel Discussion: A captivating panel discussion engaged participants in thought-provoking conversations on the future of the industry, highlighting the potential of data-driven approaches and API solutions.


Our esteemed lineup of speakers brought invaluable insights and expertise to the event, providing attendees with unique perspectives on digital transformation:

🎤 Maciej Buczkowski - Field Sales Representative - Google Cloud

🎤 Kuba Zajączkowski - Data Analyst Sales - Google Cloud

🎤 Marek Fila - Chief Technology Officer - Kinguin

🎤 Mariusz Jagodziński - Head of Data & Analytics - Kinguin

🎤 Maciej Sztyk - Product Owner - Kinguin

Their informative presentations and engaging discussions left a lasting impact, igniting enthusiasm and fueling the drive for innovation.

Take a look at the insightful discussions and memorable interactions that took place during the event. Watch the video recap here: 

Event Video Recap Link

Additionally, dive deeper into our exclusive interviews with Marek Fila, CTO at Kinguin. Gain valuable insights into our collaboration with Google Cloud, the challenges we overcame together, operational efficiency, user experience, scalability of the platform, data security, compliance, and future initiatives. Watch the interviews here: 

Marek Fila Interview Link


The video interview with Maciej Buczkowski, Field Sales Representative at Google, explores the alignment between Google Cloud's technology and services with Kinguin's business goals and the value derived from the partnership. It also highlights how Google Cloud supports Kinguin, including the most beneficial technologies and features, as well as addressing security, compliance challenges, data privacy, and protection. Additionally, it discusses Google Cloud's plans for introducing new technologies or services that may further benefit Kinguin and other e-commerce companies.

Maciej Buczkowski Interview Link


The Kinguin&Friends: Google Based Digital Transformation event was a remarkable occasion that united industry experts, thought leaders, and technology enthusiasts. We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who made this event a tremendous success, including our esteemed speakers, attendees, and our valued partner, Google.

Be sure to watch the video recap to immerse yourself in the event's atmosphere and gain deeper insights from our enlightening interviews. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to drive digital transformation and innovation in the industry.

Together with Google, we are embracing the future of technology, making a positive impact, and unlocking new opportunities. Join us on this transformative journey!