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Epic Games

PAYDAY 2 - Black Cat Heist DLC Steam Altergift

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Requires the base game PAYDAY 2 on Steam in order to play.
Release date: 13/10/2021

The Golden Dagger Triad picked a fight with the wrong crew, it’s time for the Payday Gang to hit them where it will hurt the most - their money.

Vlad is very determined to repay the Golden Dagger Triad for their hospitality in San Francisco. Thankfully, during Vlad’s ordeal and subsequent rescue, the Payday Gang managed to find information on one of the Golden Dagger Triad’s largest sources of income - the luxury cruise ship and casino The Black Cat.
In addition to being a big source of income, the Black Cat also holds a large portion of the triad's wealth... for now at least.

Join the Payday Gang at sea, as they liberate The Golden Dagger Triad from the burden of wealth!

The following Outfit is added for free:
Outfit - Dragon Bomber Red

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Automatic translation
Nice co-op shooter for in between but too repetitive for my taste. Constant waves of enemies while cracking a safe eventually become monotonous.
Automatic translation
Payday 2 absolutely rules especially if you can get a team of 4 buddies together. It's a blast successfully pulling off heists. Highly recommended!
Automatic translation
Overall, the game is so weak that even my ungrateful cousin would regret buying it. I have never felt so bored and meaningless in the game as with this title, and I have already played really lousy games. I was terribly disappointed
Automatic translation
It's perfect. It works well. Registered normally even on the current date. Those who watched it now or recently watched it, don't worry
Automatic translation
So, as a lot of people know, the scarface dlc is unable to be purchased on steam because of the license between overkill and the creaters of the movie ran out so there arent many places you can find it, this is one of those places :)