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Buy Bombernauts Steam Gift

Buy Bombernauts Steam Gift

Region free
Release date: 29/12/2017

Bombernauts is an explosive online multiplayer battle game with fully destructible voxel terrain. Throw stupid amounts of bombs to blow your robot friends off the world into the deadly lava below where they will surely die a fiery death! If that doesn't work, whack open a few piñatas with your trusty baseball bat, grab some overpowered powerups (like jetpacks, black holes, missiles, luchador masks, and more), and win that way instead! Do whatever it takes to be the last bot standing and claim your well deserved victory!


  • Drop-in/drop-out online multiplayer so you never have to wait for all your friends to finish getting snacks to start playing!
  • Dozens of powerups that can all stack together to make unique new super powerups!
  • Fully explodable voxel terrain!
  • Gluten Free
  • Over 100 maps to play on with fun special tiles like flammable wood, bouncy springs, slidey ice, sticky mud, and more!
  • Level Editor included so you can make your own maps and play them with your friends!
  • BOMBS!
  • unreleased content!
  • 4 delightful tilesets that massage your eyes with their colors till you can see a new FOURTH color I call "Brold"
  • Objectively the Most Important Game of All Time
  • Nobody's actually reading this so I can just say whatever I want here
  • sprelge
  • No really but this game is super fun
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