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Super Lovely Planet Steam CD Key

Key activation
Release date: 28/07/2017

3D Precision Platforming

    Jump to dodge bullets and defeat baddies

    Discover shortcuts and find secrets

    Talk to NPCs and revisit iconic locations

    Journey to Lovely Planet one last time!

Random Fun Facts

    It's not a shooter game. You can't shoot in this game. There's no gun

    You don't unlock any skills or abilities. There is only the jump button

    That other 3D platform game you know from the 90's? Super Lovely Planet is probably not like that game at all

    One thing it does have in common with other 3D platformers? Collectibles

    There's plenty of shortcuts to discover

    Is the game difficult? Yes, only if you're not good at it

    "Simple" as in straightforward. Later levels in the game can be quite challenging

    There's a story but it's not shoved in your face

    NPCs don't keep you for too long. They don't beat around the bush or waste your time trying to be funny

    Some NPCs have a line of dialogue. Others might even be wearing hats.

    There are a total of four achievements to unlock

    You don't defeat an "evil mastermind". There's no boss fights

    I have ideas for Lovely Planet 2. I also have a prototype ready

    Look, I can't really explain why it's not a shooter game. I wanted to make a platformer, so I made a platformer. Okay?

    You're still reading this? Pro tip - there is in fact a second jump button the game never tells you about

    Here's the solution to level 32 - Jump straight down, hang a right and carefully crawl along the passage till you hit a left turn. From there, carefully drop to your right and go straight till you reach the end of the beam. Drop down to the platform below and follow the path to your left. You'll find an NPC there who will show you the rest of the way.

    Don't look for the Mad Wizard in the forest, the NPCs, they're lying to you

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