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For Honor - Year 8 Ultimate Edition EU PC Ubisoft Connect CD Key
For Honor ASIA Ubisoft Connect CD Key
For Honor - Year 8 Gold Edition EU PC Ubisoft Connect CD Key

For Honor - Year 8 Ultimate Edition EU PC Ubisoft Connect CD Key

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Release date: 14/03/2024


  • Base Game
  • For Honor - Base Heroes Pack
  • For Honor - Gold Heroes Pack
  • For Honor - Ultimate Heroes Pack

In For Honor, each season a major game update focuses on improving the experience. Every season we release new free content including maps, features, or game modes, as well as new unlockable content, including heroes and weapon or character skins.

For Honor: The Sword of Ashfeld

When the Cataclysm wreaked havoc on the world, all was lost. The once great order of Knights, whose tales of heroism and gallantry abounded, was razed to the ground. In the wastelands, what survivors remained were hopeless. All scavenged for food and water. And the strong preyed on the weak.

But in the gloom of ash, there came a beacon of light: the Unsung Knight. A lone Warden, who made it her mission to help those in need. To use Valor’s Edge, the sword bequeathed unto her, to fight back against pillagers and invaders – and to bring hope to her people.

For it was said this legendary sword would one day, in the bleakest of times, unite the Knights once more…

For Honor - Base Heroes Pack
This pack includes heroes from the standard edition of For Honor.

For Honor - Gold Heroes Pack
This pack includes six additional heroes with unique playstyles to upgrade your For Honor experience!

For Honor - Ultimate Heroes Pack
The Ultimate Edition includes 12 additional heroes with unique playstyles:

  • Centurion – a Knight fighting with his gladius.
  • Gladiator – a Knight fighting with his trident and buckler.
  • Highlander – a Viking fighting with his claymore.
  • Shaman – a Viking fighting with her hatchet and dagger.
  • Shinobi – a Samurai fighting with his kusarigama.
  • Aramusha – a Samurai fighting with his dual katana.
  • Jiang Jun – a Wu Lin fighting with his guandao.
  • Shaolin – a Wu Lin fighting with his staff.
  • Zhanhu – a Wu Lin fighting with his changdao.
  • Black Prior – a Knight fighting with his arming sword and kite shield.
  • Jormungandr – a Viking fighting with his war hammer.
  • Hitokiri – a Samurai fighting with his masakari axe.

Fight alone or with friends in For Honor, a third-person hero-based melee fighting game. Enter the chaos of war as a Knight, a Viking, a Samurai, a Wu Lin, or an Outlander. Fight in brutal PvP and team-oriented modes, or play the thrilling story campaign.


    Feel the power of every strike with the highly technical Art of Battle control system. Wield your blade according to your style: swift Assassin, tanky Heavy, versatile Vanguard, or technical Hybrid.
    Enjoy an ever-evolving experience with more than 30 heroes, five factions, 18 maps, seasonal events, thousands of gear items, cross-platform play, and more!
    Unlock rewards and customize your heroes with thousands of different weapons, emblems, and more!
    Storm castles and fortresses in massive battles and confront bosses in intense duels.
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A really great game considering it was released a long time ago, a great plot and online mode, a nice option is also that you can choose 1 of the 3 factions to play.
Automatic translation
Great storyline and multiplayer. The 3 factions make it possible to play longer and the previously mentioned multiplayer is fantastic
Automatic translation
I like the game very much and really wanted to play and buy it, now that it was finally cheaper, I thought I would give it a try. Thanks very much
Automatic translation
The story of For honor is absolutely amazing, It just sucks you right in to the games beautifully crafted environment. I would definitely recommend buying this game.
Automatic translation
enjoyed it am a fan of the series and pretty much used to play it day and night so yeah thought why not get it on pc as well