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Ultros EU Steam CD Key

Ultros EU Steam CD Key

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Release date: 13/02/2024

Ultros is not an odyssey into the unknown, where reality blurs, and questions echo through the vast expanse of space. Will you break the cycle, or will you become a crucial link in the cosmic dance of destruction and rebirth? The answers await you in the cosmic tapestry of Ultros.

Embark on a mind-bending journey through the cosmic unknown with Ultros, a psychedelic sci-fi adventure that defies the boundaries of space and sanity. Stranded on the colossal space-drifting entity known as The Sarcophagus, where an ancient demonic being named ULTROS lurks, you must navigate a realm filled with mystique, contrast, and metaphysical questions. Are you the harbinger of destruction, or can you forge a path from chaos to rebirth?


  • A Psychedelic Sci-Fi Journey:
    • Immerse yourself in the surreal landscapes of ULTROS, a multifaceted realm with an eccentric art style and a mystical soundtrack by El Huervo (known for his work on Hotline Miami).
    • Grounded in science fiction, ULTROS explores profound themes of mental health, life, death, and karmic cycles through deep lore and environmental storytelling.
  • A World of Contrast:
    • Engage in brutal, close-quarter combat with cosmic lifeforms, experiencing an intimate and urgent connection where every blade strike matters.
    • Juxtapose intense combat with moments of contemplation and peace as you cultivate greenery and tend to plant life in The Sarcophagus, uncovering obscured paths and gaining deeper insights.
  • A Mysterious, Layered Loop:
    • Unravel the secrets of the rich and enigmatic world of ULTROS through a unique loop-based mechanic.
    • Restart at key moments in the story to explore different paths, unlock hidden areas, and acquire new abilities on a branching skill tree.
    • Experiment with and master your own specific fighting style, as each loop brings you closer to the profound truths concealed within The Sarcophagus.
  • Rich Environmental Storytelling:
    • Encounter a cast of intriguing inhabitants within The Sarcophagus, each contributing to the deep lore and narrative intricacies of ULTROS.
    • Piece together the story through exploration, interactions, and unraveling the mysteries of this cosmic entity.
  • Metaphysical Themes and Philosophical Narratives:
    • Delve into the profound themes of mental health, life, death, and the cyclical nature of existence, presented through a narrative that encourages contemplation and self-discovery.
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