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PlayStation 5

Dusk Diver 2 NA PS5 CD Key

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Release date: 30/08/2022

The fully enhanced Ximending action game sequel!
New characters! New scenes! New customizations!
It's the all new Dusk Diver 2!!

Yang Yumo, a college student with a daily part-time job.
Her body had been suffering from the aftermath
of the Youshanding incident a year back.

In an ordinary day,
Choas Beasts reappeared in the streets of Youshanding,
and Yumo had to once again step onto the battlefield!

——A journey of adventure and guardianship is about to unfold!!

From combo attacks to break strikes,
the new combat system is fully evolved!

Not limited to Ximending?!
The story is set all over Taipei City!!

Freely customize the equipment,
skill set, and outfit!!

Luxurious voice casting lineup (in order of Japanese/Mandarin):
Yang Yumo: 佐藤利奈(Rina Sato) / 穆宣名(Mu Hsuan-Ming)
Leo: 竹内良太(Ryota Takeuchi) / 柯至訓(Ko Chih-Hsun)
Bahet: 山中真尋(Masahiro Yamanaka) / 呂紹綸(Lu Shao-Lun)
Le Viada: 種崎敦美(Atsumi Tanezak) / 林美秀(Lin Mei-Hsiu)
D.D.: 伊藤静(Shizuka Ito) / 穆宣名(Mu Hsuan-Ming)
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