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Release date: 08/02/2018

It's tough to survive in Rust. There aren't zombies or mutants hiding in the trees, just bears. You won't get killed by terrorists or acid rain. But other players might come after you, or you might just starve to death. Rust is a realistic, competitive survival game. Buy your copy today and see if you can make it!


    Fight against the world - Your life is never safe in Rust. Cold weather, hunger, and even radiation are environmental factors that can kill you. Bears and wolves stalk among the trees and will attack you without fear. And there is always the threat of other players. They can help you or attack you. How will you fight against the world?

    A rock, a torch, and a dream - When you start playing Rust all you have is a rock and a torch. Knock down some trees, build a fire, and survive one night. Then you'll have to find food, make tools, and find shelter. Over time you can make weapons and your very own house! Start playing today and get a head start in the world of Rust.

    Build alone or together - Rust gives you complete freedom to decide the best way to stay alive. You can be a lone wolf (no pun intended) and make a private stronghold hidden in the trees. Or you can find a group, build a massive fortress, and take on anyone who challenges you. Rust is a growing game that has dedicated players and an involved development team. See for yourself what this game has to offer.

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Let me start by saying that I'm approaching 900 hours in Rust. During those 900 hours, I experienced some of the most interesting and unique player interactions I've ever had in an online game. The interactions you will have are as varied as the people you will meet and have these experiences with. You never know what will happen when you bump into someone. I've been robbed at a crossbow point and let go, I ran into a group in the middle of a raid that had run out of explosives and stopped to build some furnaces for a makeshift roadside explosives factory to help trade for some of the loot, and once ran through a massive raid online naked and a gun was dropped to help, which led to me playing 2 clears as part of their large clan. Rust can be an amazing and unique experience, but it really depends on the player. If you talk to people and make it fun, you will undoubtedly come across an experienced player who will teach you the basics and have a great time, full of fun and interesting experiences. If you are boring or toxic, people will never give you a chance to have those experiences, and you will most likely have the experience described in the "Official" review.
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Have watched hundreds of hours of Rust gameplay footage on Youtube from around 10 youtubers, not once have I played the game myself. I can finally start the game with my head full of knowledge
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Nice !! fast and cheap , 3$ in the steam wallet very nice product , i can finnally play this game without pay 40$ ITS A FULL ACESS ACCOUNT !!
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The game is very good if you want to have a good time with friends and raid a few houses :D. I highly recommend it and more for this price.
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Rust is an intense and addictive survival experience. From the moment you wake up on a hostile and desolate island, you find yourself immersed in an unforgiving world where every decision counts. The building and gathering mechanics allow you to create shelters and weapons to defend yourself against dangers and other ruthless players. Social interaction is crucial, whether it's to form alliances or face off in epic battles. The feeling of progress and improvement is rewarding, but there are also moments of frustration and loss. Rust is a constant challenge that immerses you in a ruthless universe, full of emotion and adrenaline.