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(7 Reviews)
Generation Zero Steam CD Key
Generation Zero: Island Bundle Steam CD Key
Generation Zero: Base Warfare Starter Bundle Steam CD Key

Generation Zero - Fashionably Armed Bundle Steam CD Key

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MGG Studio
98.83% of 205591 ratings are superb!
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Release date: 08/06/2022


  • Base game
  • Generation Zero - Schweet Vanity Pack
  • Generation Zero - US Weapons Pack
  • Generation Zero - US Weapons Pack 2
  • Generation Zero - Soviet Weapons Pack

Where did the machines come from? What do they want? How can you survive?
Generation Zero is a stealth-action hybrid with a rich and rewarding world to explore and mysteries to uncover. Play alone or with up to three friends in a vast open-world map that will challenge your resourcefulness and ingenuity. Because living is winning.

Home is the battlefield. A resistance will rise.

  • A world of Stealth-Action
    Hide, seek, scavenge and shoot your way through a world of peril and secrets. From dense forests to derelict towns, from vast fields to makeshift bases, Östertörn is a location with a story to tell where no two encounters are the same.
  • Home is the Battlefield. A resistance will Rise.
    As you journey through Östertörn you will connect with other survivors, each with their own unique story to tell. When enough of you have banded together, a resistance can begin to rise.
  • Build Your Base. Make it Your Own. 
    This year brings a wealth of new content to Generation Zero, such as building (and customizing) your own unique outpost, to a tense new wave-based home base defense experience.
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Automatic translation
I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a good game. It contains a wide variety of scenes and the graphics are just awesome. 9/10 if you are looking for something you can recommend it
Automatic translation
This game is really worth to buy today, I got it like 2 years ago and recently started playing. Amazing Dev team, new updates and fixes, unique style of the game, much better in co-op but also very enjoyable as solo, Good Vibes only.
Automatic translation
Best played with friends, epic fights, fun shooting, recently improved and better crafting system, large map. Lot of repetitiveness, empty places, lack of variety The first few hours of the game will be the best, then it will slowly get more and more stale and repetitive due to lack of mission and enemy variations, all the main missions will consist of doing the same thing with the same enemies. Everything in this game that you experience for the first time is amazing, robots, mission, fights, then the second time is nice but when you go down the same bunker for the 7th time to activate the generators the same way as before, maybe with a slight variation that will make you spend a few seconds more on it is just plain boring and lazy. The story at the beginning seems promising with a lot of things happening, people keep talking to you through the radio and trying to figure out what happened, but after you get out of the "tutorial" island the story will just pretty much stop. The only way you are supposed learn more about is by finishing some unintresting missions where you get a few more sentences / clues from the environment. This is not very engaging, especially after what you experienced at the beginning, and its not very clear either, maybe if i read the bunch of wall of texts then maybe id know better but thats not what i signed up for. Overall, its a good experience with friends which slowly becomes worse as you play and starts becoming grindy / chore to do things.
Automatic translation
Very fun gun until last update, many weapons needs rework with damage. otherwhise very fun game from sweden. 4 player co-op
Automatic translation
80's atmosphere, weird clothes and looks: D crazy intro music, fabulous game settings. War against robots a must try