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Epic Games
theHunter: Primal Steam Gift
theHunter: Call of the Wild - Seasoned Hunter Bundle Steam CD Key
theHunter: Call of the Wild - Master Hunter Bundle Steam CD Key

theHunter: Call of the Wild - 2022 Edition Steam CD Key

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Release date: 21/09/2021

Dive into the ultimate hunting experience in theHunter: Call of the Wild 2022 Edition! This bundle contains all the exciting content from the base game, the two most recent reserves (“Rancho del Arroyo” and “Te Awaroa National Park”), and the Bloodhound tracking dog. Explore 100 square miles (256 square kilometers) across four distinctive reserves, hunt over 30 animal species, and enlist the aid of a trustworthy scenthound to track blood clues from injured prey.

Step into an atmospheric open world teeming with life, and hunt a wide variety of unique animal species; from majestic sika deer, elusive mexican bobcats, and massive bison, down to the countless birds and critters of the wilderness.

Each reserve is meticulously crafted to be as convincing as possible, letting you explore different regions of the world and traverse its rich biomes. You can hunt on your own or together with friends, but remember, you are not just a visitor in this world, you are a living and breathing part of it.

In theHunter: Call of the Wild 2022 Edition, 100 square miles (256 square kilometers) of hunting adventures lay before your feet. Explore the huge, sprawling desert of Rancho del Arroyo, stroll on the tropical beaches of Te Awaroa National Park, discover the dense pine forests of Layton Lake, and traverse the rolling hills and lush farmlands of Hirschfelden. Wherever in the world you decide to hunt, there are endless opportunities for epic stories and memorable moments to experience.

In any of the four reserves that are included in theHunter: Call of the Wild 2022 Edition, you will be able to come across animals of all shapes and sizes, from pheasants and coyotes to moose, chamois, black bear, and deer. With over 30 unique and exciting species to hunt, all with their own authentic behaviors, traits and movement patterns, no single encounter is ever the same.

In theHunter: Call of the Wild 2022 Edition, you can adopt a clever new approach to hunting with the Bloodhound by your side. Famous for its outstanding sense of smell, this canine-companion will track the scent of blood over large distances and in thick brush, leading you with great precision towards your target. The Bloodhound is the most efficient and loyal sidekick a hunter could ever want!

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If you enjoy the hunter: call of the wild, then you may want to check out this weapon pack. The pack features several semi-auto rifles, chambered in .22LR, .223, and .308 with rails to accept scopes and sights. The .22LR is superb for hunting varmint and fowl and the .308 is well known for it's versatility.
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Yukon Valley is a map in which 10 main and 42 side missions await the player. The landscape and its diversity is one of the main strengths of this map. Another big plus of this DLC is the possibility to purchase the Canning Magnum rifle. This is one of the best rifles for the heaviest animals. Every Yukon hunter should have the Caning Magnum in their gear.
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The Hunter's Wild Call is a sequel to The Hunter Classic, which is 100% better in graphics, gameplay, and the game is much clearer for novice players. If you like hunting it can be realistic although I can't say much as I have never been out hunting but the guns and mechanics are quite enjoyable however the game is very slow and time consuming which is to be expected in hunting but eventually getting an animal is wonderful.
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The hunter call of the wild, is the sequel to The Hunter Classic its 100% better in graphics, gameplay, as well as the game being a lot more clear to first time players. If you like hunting then it may be realistic-ish tho I cant say much cause I've never gone hunting but the guns and mechanics do feel pretty nice, however the game play is very slow and time consuming which is expected in hunting but finally getting an animal feels great.
Craig Sheridan
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Being the first of the dlc maps i have bought i love it already and the main questline for it was actually quite fun and interactive. A big advantage i find in picking up this map as a beginner is their is always animals to be spotted no matter where you are its not often walking around you wont encounter anything be it close range or at a distance, which makes for increasing weapon score a fast enough grind. It really is worth picking up in my opinion with the animals you can hunt and find quite easy such as the lions, wildebeest, gemsbock being some of the animals i try to hunt the most as the largest caliber rifle available to me is the .270. The lions and the wildebeest require a very precise shot and the polymer tip 270 rounds to take down quick and efficiently if your in the same situation as me with gun availability