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Stephen A. Crystal, Esq. takes position of the Advisory Board of

The function of Mr. Crystal comprises giving strategic advice in his field of expertise, specifically financial instruments and digital asset technology, especially in regards to blockchain technology, Initial Coin Offerings and other Initial Token Offering projects.

Kinguin to offer decentralized game-trading platform built on blockchain technology
13.09.2017, will expand its existing marketplace solutions. Project includes trading capabilities for  game and in-game items by building and integrating  a trading platform using the latest technologies: Ethereum blockchain network, smart contracts and decentralized apps. This will enhance the ability for gamers to buy, sell trade games including in-game items safely.

All Games on a Single Website, All Games at a Single Event

Visit booths in Entertainment and Business zones at Gamscom 2017. Play the most popular games, take part in contests with prizes, and meet famous influencers and esport stars. In the Business zone, our managers will provide a closer look at Kinguin's activities in the areas of Great Gaming Experience, esports, training centers for players (Kinguin Performance Center) and huge centers of digital entertainment, which, at the moment, are taking the world by storm (Kinguin Franchising System). – weekend discount for any gaming product
19.05.2017 – weekend discount for any gaming product

During this weekend (May 19 – May 22, 11:00 AM) all clients of pay less. Thanks to choosing PayPal payment method provided by marketplace of Kinguin anyone, anytime during promotion period will avoid additional fees with buying any product delivered on stock. is worldwide platform supporting the selling and buying of games, software and virtual accessories. Service since 2013 conjoins 6,000 sellers and 5 million buyers.

INNER VOICES: A new adventure game inspired by Lovecraft is now available on!

INNER VOICES: A new adventure game inspired by Lovecraft is now available on!

Fat Dog Games is pleased to announce that Inner Voices, first-person adventure game inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, E.A. Poe and S. King’s prose, is already available on Steam and

Inner Voices is the first game published by Fat Dog Games. It was developed by Simulation Games Studio. It is a dark first person adventure game with horror and rogue-like elements. The player is John Blake, a man trapped in a dark dimension with no memories left whatsoever. Moving through what seems to be a dark purgatory, the player will be gradually revealing the secrets of John’s lost life, all the while accompanied by a dark force, twisting both the protagonist and the world around him...


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