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“The customer is always right,” or how to build trust to an e-commerce platform

In 2017 consumers from all over the world spent more than $2.3 trillion USD in online stores. In 2018 the number may increase by $500 billion. The reason behind the success of e-commerce isn’t just technology, it’s the hard work of the people who ensure safety and comfort to online shoppers. Adam Gruda, Head of Customer Support in Kinguin, talked to us about the role of CS in the development of an online marketplace. You can find the original content in Polish at: Interia.

Kinguin Rolls Out Coaching Service to Help Gamers Level Up

Kinguin Friends and Family, we are thrilled to announce that we are launching a coaching service, so you can level up your game! Developed to help the you hone your skills, you can  now purchase private coaching sessions in the most popular esports titles: CS:GO, DOTA 2, Destiny 2, League of Legends, Fortnite, World of Warcraft, and PUBG directly through Kinguin.

How Kinguin works. The real sources of games and the reasons behind their low prices

Where does Kinguin get all the keys? Why are the prices so low? Do developers really profit from their games being sold here? And most of all: is Kinguin legit? Instead of taking our word on it, learn the ins and outs of the entire distribution process.

Esports: Behind the Success

Reports published by business media show that electronic sports (or esports) are one of the fastest growing branches of global entertainment, with 18 percent annual growth. We see the rise of professional competitive gaming websites, fanbases expanding at a tremendous pace in social media, players becoming celebrities, companies investing millions in new ventures. But what does esports mean for people at the center of it?

Mariusz 'Loord' Cybulski, the coach of the highly successful Team Kinguin's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive division answers questions about esports in an interview published at Interia and Esporter.

You can find the original content in Polish at: Interia and Esporter.

Kinguin Indie Valley teams up with Curve Digital. Epic AAA Indie Games Sale, live now!

A lineup of excellent indie games -- all up to 90% cheaper! -- the family expands! Kinguin Indie Valley and Curve Digital have come together to forge a great partnership! Curve Digital are the patrons of some of the best independent developers and to celebrate this, we are launching a massive AAA Indie Games Sale campaign together.

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