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The Evolution and Future of Kinguin: A Leading Global Gaming Marketplace

Kinguin is a pioneering global gaming marketplace, which recently surpassed 15 million registered customers with over 150,000 digital product offers on the platform. Kinguin has experienced immense growth in the last few years, doubling or even tripling its key business indicators. We sat down with Adam Gruda, newly named Partner and Chief Operations Officer at Kinguin, to discuss the evolution of the company as well as its future directions. 

Adam has worked for Kinguin from the very beginning, almost 13 years now. He has gained valuable experience and expertise in various aspects of the company over the years to be able to take on more complex and strategic projects, as well as to take on leadership roles, to effectively manage teams, develop and execute strategies and drive growth. He is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company, developing and implementing strategies that help Kinguin achieve its short and long term goals. To be more specific:

  • Ensuring that the company's overall strategic vision is implemented effectively, with a specific focus on revenue aspects.
  • Leading the development and implementation of operational plans and strategies to achieve the company's financial targets and revenue growth goals.
  • Coordinating with the executive team to identify new business opportunities, develop strategies for pursuing those opportunities, and monitor progress toward achieving them.
  • Overseeing the daily operations of the company to ensure efficient and effective performance across all departments.
  • Collaborating with the CEO and other senior leaders to establish key performance indicators, track progress, and report on the company's overall performance.

The evolution of Kinguin

The last couple of years were particularly successful for the company and Kinguin has made a major leap to become one of the leading ecommerce businesses worldwide. Kinguin has undergone significant changes in its business model, driven by evolving fast-paced market conditions and changing customer demands. 

Kinguin has taken several steps to expand its business and improve customer experience. These include diversifying its product offerings, which now extend beyond video games to include software, virtual reality gear, NFTs, and other digital products. Over the past decade, Kinguin has established 150,000 offers and 60,000 unique products. Another significant move has been the expansion of sales channels, including partnerships with other online marketplaces. The API has played a key role in driving this growth. Additionally, Kinguin has prioritized providing an exceptional customer experience, with improvements to its website and customer support services. 

The future of Kinguin

As the new COO of Kinguin, Adam and the Board, identified five pillars that will shape the company's growth and set Kinguin apart as a leading digital entertainment platform.

  1. The first pillar is Kinguin API, which we believe is the world's most open. We designed it to provide maximum transparency and accessibility to products and services, empowering developers, merchants, and users alike to unlock the full potential of our platform.
  2. Our second pillar is our foray into games publishing. Our strategy to expand its presence in the gaming development space is multifaceted, and it includes a range of initiatives that are designed to capture a larger share of the market. By adopting a vertical integration approach, creating a launchpad, developing its own games, and creating great content pieces, Kinguin hopes to appeal to a wide range of audiences and cement its position as a major player in the gaming industry. It is worth highlighting our recent accomplishment with the Roblox gaming experience. Our team has developed a game within the Roblox ecosystem that provides fun and interactive entertainment for thousands of users.
  3. Our third pillar is our commitment to being the world's most open employer. We believe in creating an inclusive and supportive work environment that values diversity and encourages open communication and collaboration among Kinguiners.
  4. Our fourth pillar is our focus on providing the best possible user experience. We believe in simplicity, consistency, and functionality, and we strive to offer a seamless experience for users on our platform. We plan to continue investing in innovation, particularly in AI and machine learning, to improve internal operations and customer experience. 
  5. Finally, our fifth pillar is our commitment to being the best platform for merchants and customers. We aim to provide a great onboarding experience for both wholesale and retail partners, advanced stats and insights, and seamless management of accounts and inventory anytime and anywhere. As part of the company's strategy, product diversification and an attractive product portfolio are key elements. The goal is to expand into new product categories such as streaming services (e.g. Netflix or Disney Plus), clothing (e.g. Zalando), transportation (e.g. Uber), cloud gaming (via Nware gift cards), telecommunications (e.g. Vodafone or T-Mobile top-ups), in-game economy (e.g. Minecraft, Roblox, CS:GO, Fortnite) or e-money vouchers (e.g. Neosurf, JetonCash, AstroPay). This wide range of products will allow for growth and make Kinguin more attractive to different customer segments.

In summary, our five pillars reflect Kinguin's commitment to providing the best services to our users, merchants, and Kinguiners. Kinguin's ambition is to become the most open digital playground while also remaining adaptable and innovative in the face of changing market dynamics. By remaining focused on customer needs and preferences and continuing to evolve its business model and offerings, Kinguin is well positioned to achieve its ambitious goals and continue to be a major player in the market of digital goods.