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Laying a Foundation - How marketing acts as the building blocks to Kinguin’s success

With Kinguin having a large international presence, the approach to marketing has to be tailored and thought out to ensure it encapsulates as many potential users as possible. This, paired with the fact that for Kinguin, marketing is one of the key building blocks to growth with the marketing team constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve their solutions. Valentin Houssais, Kinguin’s Chief Marketing Officer, and his team have been building a strong foundation for Kinguin to excel and are looking to the future for continuous growth.

We took some time to discuss what marketing is for Kinguin, and how Valentin and his team not only surpass expectations, but how they deliver an effective marketing solution for Kinguin to succeed.

Valentin has worked at Kinguin for over four years and with a refined international background and experience working in seven countries as of today, he’s well aware of the differences in cultures, personalities and industries. His role at Kinguin as the Chief Marketing Officer, and with experience in branding, esports, marketing and leadership, has brought his own spin to the marketing activities at Kinguin. He has been able to adapt his role to fit what was needed, and has become a facilitator for his team to learn and grow alongside him.

As Kinguin is an e-commerce platform, marketing is key for the business to grow, and it’s also where the magic happens. Performance marketing is the foundation of Kinguin’s outreach - in a similar fashion to how a house needs a foundation before you can start building upwards. This year has been all about performance marketing and how the business can bring new users to the marketplace and help the platform grow. Once this foundation has been solidified, Valentin and his team can then dive into other methods of marketing - these include but aren’t limited to influencer outreach, social media, campaigns, events and much more. Kinguin has applied a variety of different solutions in the past with resounding success, and this arsenal is able to be called upon depending on what is most beneficial for the project.

Kinguin operates in a massive international market, and has had to adjust accordingly when performing marketing campaigns. Valentin’s past experiences play a key role in being able to carry out bespoke initiatives that are suitable for each target audience. He ensures that the focus is on the different cultures and personalities present in the audience and their regional interests. One solution Valentin and his team are looking into is tailored solutions, for example,  if you’re an avid PlayStation fan, you wouldn’t benefit from seeing Xbox advertisements. These areas the team are addressing will offer customers a bespoke solution that can involve local influencers and affiliations, and always focus on the convenience and satisfaction of the users in that region. 

When working towards new B2B partnerships, Valentin works alongside Partner & Chief of Business Development, David Yarnton and the business team at Kinguin. Over the last few years, Kinguin has bolstered their marketing expertise with brands such as PayPal, Revolut, Huawei and many more well known global brands. The current goal for 2023 is for Kinguin to carry out a global campaign that uses partnerships across the globe to help grow and nurture the business. 

Diving even further into the future goals of what Valentin is looking towards, Kinguin is looking at a soft rebrand, which will open lots of new opportunities and will allow new approaches to activations. This lands perfectly with the upcoming 10 year anniversary of Kinguin in 2023. With the success of Kinguin Legends, the team at Kinguin have been inspired and have exciting plans for the future. The team will also be focusing on improving the user experience, and in doing so, supporting gamers to have a great experience. There are no limits when it comes to the gaming community, and Kinguin are looking to support as many avid gamers as possible. 

With the variability of the global economy, everything is evolving at a rapid pace - this includes marketing. Kinguin are having to carry out more tailored and custom solutions than ever before, and it’s exciting to see, whether that be for NFTs, the Kinguinverse or so much more. These approaches can’t be taken lightly and the team at Kinguin knows this. With Valentin’s experience and skill set along with his divergent team, Kinguin can develop solutions and ensure that the foundations are built and the company is building upwards.