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Kinguin Revolutionizes Operations with Open API Solution

In the fast-paced world of online gaming, staying ahead of the competition requires constant innovation and optimization of business processes. Kinguin, a leading global marketplace for video games, recognized the need for a more efficient and customizable tool to enhance their operations. In order to do that, Kinguin developed its own Open API solution, called Harpagon. This article explores how implementation of Open API has transformed Kinguin’s business, enabling us to expand product base, streamline operations, and achieve significant cost savings.

Before the implementation of Open API, Kinguin relied on a third-party tool, SellingHub, to manage operations. However, we soon realized that this tool did not fully meet our needs and expectations. We faced limitations in terms of customization and development, which hindered our ability to adapt the tool to their specific needs. Recognizing the need for a more flexible solution, Kinguin decided to develop their own tool from scratch.

The Birth of Open API (Harpagon):

Kinguin's dedicated team embarked on a year-long journey to create Open API, an in-house solution designed to empower the company with full control over the operations. Open API, internally known as Harpagon, was developed to address both purchasing and sales aspects of Kinguin's business. We were able to create an innovative and scalable e-commerce service that enables Kinguin, and other e-commerce platforms that consolidate digital keys from various sources, to work together on sales and purchases.

Purchasing Advancements:

With the implementation of Open API, Kinguin unlocked new possibilities for expanding product base and introducing new suppliers. The enhanced tool allowed us to seamlessly integrate with the largest gaming marketplaces worldwide. As a result, Kinguin experienced a remarkable 30% increase in their product offerings within one year, providing gamers with a wider range of choices. Our current range of products encompasses an extensive selection of digital items, exceeding 200,000 offerings. These include video games, software applications, in-game content, gift cards, and NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Sales Expansion:

One of the key objectives of implementing Open API was to enable Kinguin to sell on other marketplaces, in addition to our own platform. By integrating with these marketplaces, Kinguin opened up new revenue streams and expanded reach to a broader audience. This strategic move not only increased our sales potential but also strengthened the position in the highly competitive gaming market. The Open API service also acts as a marketing tool, allowing for the promotion of the Kinguin platform on external websites.

Realizing Cost Savings:

In addition to the flexibility and scalability offered by Open API, Kinguin achieved significant cost savings. By utilizing our own in-house tool, we eliminated the need to rely on third-party solutions. The cost savings were then redirected to further enhance our API capabilities, allowing us to match products easier and faster than ever before. For example, Kinguin managed to automate the matching of 7,000 products in just one day, a process that used to take several weeks previously.

Embracing the Growth of APIs:

The implementation of Open API aligns with the ever-growing trend of APIs in the technology industry. Over the past year, the API ecosystem has experienced remarkable growth, with an increasing number of practitioners and countries adopting APIs. The Postman API Platform, for instance, witnessed substantial surges in usage, including 20 million users, 38 million collections created, and a staggering 1.13 billion requests generated in the past 12 months. Kinguin's adoption of Open API positions us at the forefront of this technological movement, leveraging the power of APIs to drive innovation within the organization.

The Future of Open API:

Kinguin's journey with Open API is far from over. The company has ambitious plans to further develop and refine our in-house solution. We are currently focusing on the wholesale part of operations, aiming to expand our supplier network and provide even more diverse product offerings to our customers. Additionally, Kinguin is actively working on developing an analytical module within Open API, enabling us to gain valuable insights into  business operations and make data-driven decisions.


By implementing Open API, Kinguin has revolutionized operations, leaving behind the limitations of our previous third-party tool. The in-house solution has allowed us to expand our product base, integrate with major gaming marketplaces, and achieve significant cost savings. As Kinguin continues to invest in the development of Open API, our commitment to customization, efficiency, and innovation positions us as a frontrunner in the ever-evolving gaming industry.

Author: IT and Product Team