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Understanding the distribution process of game keys

There has been a lot of misunderstanding around game key distribution on Kinguin.net because they’re cheaper than other platforms. Many people believe we are a reseller, but we are not. The way we distribute is no different to a traditional supply chain - it just happens to take place in a digital space.

So what is actually Kinguin?

Kinguin.net isn’t a reseller, or even a seller. We are an online platform - digital marketplace. We let sellers from all around the world offer digital products and we provide them with ready-to-use solutions.

Professional distributors use our marketplace to offer their stock, just like many traditional stores use Amazon or Ebay, to have an online outlet without the need to pay a fortune for designing and maintaining a new website.

If you apply this to the real world, we’d be a mall owner lending space to various brands wanting to run their clothing stores or coffee shops inside the building. On Kinguin.net, instead of these shops, we have game stores. A couple of years ago these sellers would be considered your local game shop owners. Today, they’re still companies, and in some cases big ones! It’s only that they work in the digital space.

Selling, not reselling

The main reason why the vast majority of Kinguin.net business users should be considered sellers, and not resellers, is because they acquire keys first-hand from the source. They are registered companies that pay taxes, and they stock up in compliance with the law. Kinguin uses a multi-level verification process of each seller. There is also a rating system of each seller on the marketplace, which is based on buyers experience. 

Watch the video below to better understand where the keys come from:

Why is Kinguin so cheap?

Game keys that are sold at Kinguin.net are already bought from developers, by their wholesale and retail partners. They buy it in bulk and that way they can negotiate prices.

Pricing can also vary across territories, meaning that retailers in the US or UK could pay more than those from Turkey or Russia. This is because those prices are imposed by developers and their distribution networks. However, our role at Kinguin is to try to lower these prices and as a result reduce the barriers for players to join their gaming adventure.

There are other factors to include as well. We offer assistance in setting up your store. We provide ready-to-use game descriptions etc. You don’t have to pay for creating additional assets to promote your game keys. Most of all, we are operating at a low margin so the sellers don’t have to inflate their prices to make profit. 

All of that combined makes it cheaper to sell games on Kinguin.net, hence the lower prices.

What about keys acquired in bundles and then sold on Kinguin?

Yes, this does happen, but it's a completely legal process - developers/publishers have already received payment and everyone has already had the chance to purchase the keys at the original offer price.

And we have tens of thousands of titles in our offer!

There are quite a few reasons behind this. Firstly we’re a genuine link in the chain for distributing video game keys, secondly we listen and work with developers for the best outcome possible, and lastly we’re a legitimate marketplace with over 10 million registered customers, which supports over 100 payment methods from all over the world including PayPal, bank transfers, credit cards and mobile payments.