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Palworld breaks the internet!

Why Palworld Became Such a Phenomenon?


Palworld is an open-world survival game where players can befriend and capture creatures called Pals. The game has been praised for its unique mix of genres, charming graphics, and its innovative gameplay mechanics.


Farming simulator… in RPG?

Like mentioned before, Palworld might be a really interesting blend, combining elements of survival games, farming simulators, and monster taming RPGs. This combination has created a game that is both familiar and new. Players can explore the open world, build their own bases, farm for resources, and capture and train Pals. The game also features a variety of combat mechanics, allowing players to use their Pals to fight against other players and wild creatures.


If it is cute = it is fren-shaped!

Palworld features a cel-shaded art style that has its own fanclub around the globe. The game's world is full of colourful plants and animals, and the Pals themselves are designed to be adorable and friendly looking. The graphics help to create a sense of wonder and adventure that might be hard to resist.


Can we build it?Yes we can!

Palworld features a number of innovative gameplay mechanics that set it apart from other games in the genre. One of the main features is the ability to build Pal Houses, which players can use to house and train their Pals. Pal Houses can be customised in many ways, and players can even build them in different biomes. Except from homing your Pals, you can mount them, which gives players a new way to explore the world.


Social Media boom


Palworld has been a social media phenomenon since even before its release. The game's concept and charming graphics have captured the imagination of gamers around the world. Players have been sharing their experiences with the game on social media, creating memes, and discussing the game's features. This has helped to generate a lot of buzz around the game and has helped to drive its popularity.


Palworld has the potential to be one of the biggest games of the year. With its unique blend of genres, charming graphics, and innovative gameplay mechanics, Palworld is sure to capture the imaginations of players worldwide. I highly recommend checking out Palworld if you're looking for a fun and innovative new game to play.


Did they do an oopsie?


Yes, unfortunately the fame of lovable Pals was based on two quite controversial points at this moment.

One is an alleged design similarity to Pokemon. Players around the world argue that Palworld's creature designs closely resemble those of Pokemon, raising accusations of plagiarism or a derivative work. Some designs share similar colour palettes, body shapes, and even names, leading to comparisons like "Pyrtle" versus "Turtwig" or "Comflit" versus "Charmander." These similarities make it hard for some players to avoid drawing connections to Pokemon. However Nintendo, Pokemon rights holder to be exact, hasn't taken any legal action against Palworld yet, and there's no official confirmation of copyright infringement. For now they have only put up a statement informing that there will be an investigation and they will “take appropriate measures” if the breach of intellectual property will be spotted. Some argue that the similar designs fall under the realm of parody or homage, drawing inspiration from Pokemon without directly copying them, so who knows?

Other quite smaller points, but constantly brought up by the internet are dark and controversial gameplay elements. According to the players, Palworld . Players can capture, enslave, and even eat their captured creatures, which started discussions about animal cruelty and ethical concerns within the game. Additionally, the game allows players to use captured creatures in combat, potentially leading to their death. But on the other hand according to the developers of the games, thanks to the darker themes being an intentional design choice, this creates different experience than Pokemon


Just as a reminder, Palworld is available for platforms like Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S


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