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Talk about games and EARN!

Do you have followers who value your opinion about games? Show them our game deals and earn every time they make a purchase. Join our affiliate program Kinguin Mafia to monetize your social media presence.

How can you earn?

When you become our affiliate, you will receive a reflink. This is your unique link for sharing on social media, in-game chats or forums. Whenever anyone visits Kinguin by clicking it and makes a purchase, you earn a commission from their transaction.

Moreover, if anyone becomes an affiliate upon your recommendation, you will get a percentage every time THEY generate a sale!

The best earn up to $50,000 a month

You will get 5% from every transaction you generate. If your sub-affiliate generates a sale, you get 0.75%. If their sub-affiliate does it, you still get 0.25%.

If you manage to generate a sale of just one game per day, at the end of the month you will be able to get a new game for yourself. If your followers buy 10 games a day, this can greatly boost your household earnings. More than that and you can basically make a living. All it takes is recommending game deals.

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How to promote the deals?

Here’s a couple of tips and tricks:

1. Tailor your messages. Choose the deals that your followers will be interested in. Racing fans won’t appreciate a strategy game, even if it’s cheap.

2. Control the frequency of posting. Don’t bury your followers in deals. No one likes spam.

3. Find your own language. If your fans follow you, it’s because of who you are. Stay natural. Be the person your followers liked when they first found you.

4. Try to engage your friends. Start growing your fanbase from them, and let the news about you spread in an organic manner.

5. Take notes and dig into your stats. This way you’ll always know the channels and the types of content that bring you the most revenue.

We created this program for gaming fans who like to talk about their hobby. If you are one of them - join us. This is completely free, and you simply can’t loose. The more people listen to you, the more money you earn. Bring them great game deals, and in exchange have something for yourself.

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With Kinguin Mafia, everyone wins!

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