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One Year Since Russia’s Attack on Ukraine: Support is Still Needed

Today marks one year since Russia's armed attack on Ukraine, and it is a somber reminder that the war is not over yet. It is a situation that cannot be forgotten. As a year ago, so today - the support is very much needed. On this occasion, we want to highlight Kinguiners, common people, who stood up and simply started helping. We look up to them and want to encourage all who can to follow their footsteps. 

Viktor Romaniuk Wanli, the founder of Kinguin, motivated everyone and initiated the process of helping Ukraine by contacting NAVI, an esport organization from Ukraine, inviting them to stay in Poland. He also posted on his LinkedIn and initiated an open-door policy to utilize Kinguin physical locations to help people from Ukraine. He was openly engaged in discussions and openly advocated support for Ukraine, including an interview with Esports Insider.

Paweł Książek, Paweł Żukowski, Anna Mączko and the entire EPC crew support the Ukrainian esport community and their families. Kinguin Esports Performance Center in Warsaw is open free of charge for any Ukrainian pro-players and their families. Up to date, we have hosted over 30 people, and some of them are still with us, as long as their situation requires. Paweł Książek was also engaged in interviews about Ukrainian support with The Washington Post, Le Monde, or Onet.

Kuba Lang, Michał Kaczmarek, and Antek Rybiński from the OGDM ‘From the Border to the Flat’ foundation are working closely with Kinguin to help Ukrainians. Kinguin offered OGDM headquarters for the foundation as well as 24/7 coordination centers to match the request between drivers and border crossings. The foundation has so far transported over 77,000 Ukrainian people, secured over 3,000 accommodations all over Poland, and linked 12,000 people offering their flats. OGDM together with Kinguin organized charity donations and concerts supporting Ukraine.

Anna Palowicz worked with the Foundation for Transplantation by organizing the purchase and transport of medicines for the Ukrainian hospital in Krzywy Rog and the hospital in Lviv. She also supported the city of Przemyśl in contacting brands that delivered necessities, such as water and coffee, to the border with Ukraine. Thanks to Kinguin's support, they were able to help with transport and provide shelter.

Mariusz Jagodziński was helping territorial defense forces in Sumy, by organizing medical supplies and elements of winter equipment and clothing. Mariusz was able to obtain over 100 different pieces of specialist equipment.

Anna Kalota, Natalia Szepelowska, and Przemysław Padrak were engaged in helping Ukrainian families in Poznań, securing accommodation for them in the Kinguin office for several months.

Moreover, the majority of Kinguiners made individual donations to different charities supporting Ukraine. Kinguin employees were also hosting Ukrainian refugees at their homes and have taken to helping them with critical errands like getting a local SIM card and renting a car.

Despite all the above-mentioned initiatives, support is still needed for those affected by the ongoing conflict. The war in Ukraine is far from over, and the Ukrainian people still require support. Kinguin wants to highlight some notable organizations that are still supporting Ukrainian people, including: OGDM donation, The Ukrainian Red Cross, World Central Kitchen, Voices of Children and Future for Ukraine.