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Kinguin's Ambassadors: Dzinold

First and foremost he is a computer games enthusiast and streamer. Dawid Rzeźnik, better known as Dzinold, is one of Kinguin's Ambassadors and, as he describes himself, a Renaissance man. Outside virtual reality, he is a big fan of the NBA and anything connected with basketball. Of course he plays basketball himself and he even is a friend of a famous Polish player Marcin Gortat. Apart from that, Dzinold has also experience as a Fame MMA fighter.

MrDzinold @ Twitch

Dawid was born in 1997 in the city of Tarnobrzeg in Poland. In 2020 he launched his channel on Twitch.TV and within the next two years attracted nearly 200K followers, becoming one of the most popular streamers on the platform. Two years later @MrDzinold is followed by 573K viewers, who appreciate his unique sense of humor and down-to-earth approach. His favourite games include: CS:GOGTA 5FortniteFall Guys and FIFA – and as he plays during his Twitch streams, he is usually watched by around five thousand people at once. On Twitch.TV Dzinold is also a member of a YFL team, which features Young Multi, Merghani, Mork and Bandura.


Together with his Twitch pal Bandura, Dzinold created a YouTube channel called Bungee (@bungee5125), where they entertain their viewers with unusual and funny tasks they assign to themselves. Over 1,15 million followers seem to confirm their success also on this platform. In addition to that Dzinold has his solo YT project – @dzinishoty4934 with 83,3 thousand followers. You can also check him on Instagram (@mrdzinold), where he gives over 741 thousand fans more access to his private life.

Fame MMA

As Dzinold conquered Twitch in 2022, he also made his debut on the Polish edition of Fame MMA and won the very first fight against Szymon Bessser. In May 2023 he repeated this success by defeating Robert Pasut, and thus became a rising star in Fame MMA with a promising undefeated record of 2-0.


Much as we appreciate Dzinold's achievements on Twitch, YouTube and in Fame MMA, it's his personality, sense of humor and most of all positive energy that made him and Kinguin a perfect match! And let's not forget about his love of Counter Strike, which – and that's no secret – is also close to our hearts. We are very happy he accepted our invitation to represent Kinguin as an official Ambassador and to spread positive vibes both him and us want to share with you!


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