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Kinguin and 9INE Join Forces: Empowering Gamers and Conquering the Esports Scene!

Kinguin is thrilled to announce its exciting new partnership with 9INE, the esports organization and talent management company that has been making waves in the gaming world. This collaboration stems from a shared commitment to empowering gamers and celebrating the esports community in Poland and beyond.

As 9INE’s accomplishments continue to grow, including a remarkable #11 position in the ESL world ranking, the partnership with Kinguin is poised to further solidify their status as a competitive force in the world of Counter-Strike. Together, Kinguin and 9INE will create brand exposure, captivating content, and engaging offers that resonate with their passionate audience. Fredrik Belstad, CEO of 9INE, shares his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Kinguin is a great brand that offers fantastic products at discounted prices. This collaboration will allow us to connect with our audience while attracting new fans and followers. Together, we will create captivating entertainment and ensure the future success of Polish Counter-Strike.” Kinguin’s dedication to esports is evident through its decade-long involvement in the industry. Having sponsored numerous successful esports teams, events, and tournaments, Kinguin has been an integral part of the growth and development of the esports community. The company’s Esports Performance Center stands as a testament to their commitment to helping esports athletes reach their full potential. Kinguin also contributes to esports-focused charitable projects, including hosting Ukrainian esports players at the EPC and organizing boot camps and training sessions for children. Viktor Romaniuk, Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Kinguin, expresses his excitement about the partnership, saying, “Teaming up with 9INE is a natural fit for Kinguin as we share the same passion for esports. We’re eager to support 9INE’s esports journey and anticipate a fruitful partnership that will elevate both of our brands to new heights. We wish them the best of luck in the upcoming Major Championship – BLAST Paris Major 2023. We believe that their hard work and dedication will pay off, and we’re thrilled to be part of their journey towards greatness.” Kinguin and 9INE are united in their mission to create a lasting impact on the esports industry and provide exceptional experiences for their fans. This partnership is an exciting step forward in fostering a thriving esports community in Poland and beyond. About 9INE 9INE is a Esports Organization and Talent Management Company that aims to set new standards in the industry by fostering innovation and putting passion at the core of its activities. Both the team and the management have gained valuable experience in years of being active in the industry and working with the biggest brands in Esports. 9INE focus on executional excellence and its responsibility towards players, fans and sponsors has already brought it recognition in Europe. 9INE believes in a better future and is committed to create it through performance, integrity, trust and courage.