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Introducing Kinguin’s new acting CEOs

We are excited to present the latest statement from our Founder Viktor Wanli about the new acting CEO on a 6-month rotational basis at Kinguin.

Dear colleagues and partners,

After eight remarkable years acting as the CEO at Kinguin, I’m delighted to announce a new chapter for the company. As a business, we are always striving to evolve and improve for our customers, partners, and employees. That’s why we are taking a new direction, promoting three extremely talented Kinguin employees to the role of Acting CEO on a 6-month rotational basis. This will empower our current staff to develop our future strategies, allowing our teams to flourish and company growth to be accelerated. 

Our new Acting CEOs, Brandon Doerfler, Robert Kalbarczyk and Adam Gruda, have diverse business backgrounds and a wide-ranging skill set that can be utilised to create a dynamic workplace, where different perspectives can inform our key decision making. The Acting CEO’s, who will also retain their current job roles, have varied career histories both away from and with Kinguin. 

Adam began his career at the company eight years ago, while Robert has spent almost three years with the business during two separate tenures, and Brandon only recently joined the team. This provides us with a combination of historical company context and fresh perspectives necessary to continue on our path of improvement

As for me, I’m moving into a new role and assuming the position of Chairman of the company. I’ll still be as visible and committed as ever to Kinguin, supporting the cultural evolution of the business, advising on our product and mentoring our new Acting CEOs. However, I will be leaving key strategic and daily operational decision making in the safe and capable hands of a new set of leaders.

Kinguin has recently entered a new golden age - showcased by achieving the landmark of 10M customers worldwide and more than doubling GMV on a year on year basis - and I want to thank every member of staff's dedication, determination and extreme hard work to help us achieve this. 

We are about to embark on another exciting moment in our journey and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next. 

- Viktor