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Fluffy Gore Steam CD Key

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Release date: 28/05/2021

"It hurts... I don't wanna die" said the little Teddy Bear.
His body was split in two, blood and guts were gushing out of the abdomen, tears streamed his face and sobs racked the bones of his body sprawled on the ground.
Meanwhile, as his life was fading away, a strange shadow was looking at the scene, hidden in darkness.
There was still hope... or maybe not.

  • Colorful and brutal world
    Explore many different randomly generated locations and make your way through by dismembering the ihnabitants.
  • Fast and gory twin stick action shooter RPG
    Fight the cute horde with a powerful arsenal of 20 different deadly weapons.
  • Unleash the power of Hell
    Use over 150 different perks and the DPPS (Devil Points Progression System) to power up after every game.
  • Find your own way of playing
    Choose the challenge more suited for yourself, from Easy to Hell, and be ready to slay your foes without mercy.
  • Keyboard/Mouse and Gamepad support with fully customizable controls.
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