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Generals. Positional Warfare Steam CD Key

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Release date: 14/04/2021

You are a general. The war has begun, and your country expects only victory from you. The action takes place in the headquarters. Here are schematic images of battlefields. You place figures of your soldiers on the field and give them orders for the day. Test the strategist within yourself. Waiting for you:

  • Simultaneous moves - You don't know your opponent's intentions until you make a move. You will need to consider all the possibilities of the enemy before you give the final orders for the day. Only at night will you get a complete picture of what happened during the day. And you have to adapt to the changes.
  • Multiple battlefields at the same time - you must control the situation on all front lines. Develop the attack in all directions, or concentrate your forces on one-it's up to you.
  • Addictive gameplay - you control a huge army. You will have to correctly allocate the reserve. Choose a convenient direction to attack, or an excellent position for a blind defense.
  • Various types of units - soldiers, engineers, tanks, artillery and aircraft. Each has its own distinctive features. And they also interact with each other in different ways.
  • Unique countries - Bluelands, Kingdom of Greendagar, Kredsanokia, Zoldania and Perputsk Republic. Each has its own specialization, landscape, and history.

Guide your country to victory in a turn-based strategy game Generals. Position Warfare.

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