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Release date: 17/05/2019

Let's hope to survive INVITATION, a first-person survival horror game
As Max, a graduate of Brownstone School and the subject of the experiment,
Explore schools like hell and discover the terrible secrets behind them.
Find a way to escape and avoid it to survive.
Good luck.

Max graduated from Brownstone School, a second-generation victim of radiation.
I was unhappy that I always had the same number in my class when I was in school.
When I was in elementary school, my eyesight got worse, so I went to ophthalmology, but I couldn't find the cause.

A mysterious invitation arrives in the mailbox for Max, a busy office worker.
It's Invitation to the reunion at Brownstone School. The date, place, and destination were specified. But I know Brownstone school was closed because of financial difficulties.
"Don't you think you'll find out when you go?" I accepted the mysterious reunion invitation with my curiosity behind me.
a closed school before one's eyes 'Are you a little early?'
I can't see anyone but me. Shall we go in? Open the door as if to break up the accumulated memories.


  • True Survival Fear: You must find a way to escape and escape to survive.
  • Great graphics quality: A considerable degree of graphics invites the player to a hell
  • invisible fear: Not only do you feel fear with your eyes. Feel the fear of being invisible.
  • Unpredictable Experiment: If you don't find the study of the experiment, you'll never be able to survive.
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