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Release date: 07/03/2019

The Wild Age is a micromanagement strategy game with tower defense gameplay mechanics. The game is designed mainly for a peaceful and relaxed gaming experience that offers a break from the busy realities of life.

In the game, you take on the role of the new ruler, who is tasked with creating a new, fully independent settlement on several islands.

It is necessary to hire villagers and fulfill the main task for each island. However, it will not be easy, as every night enemy goblins attack your settlement, thus hindering your efforts. As a ruler, you can only give orders using a single raw currency in the game (coins). Your villagers carry out the tasks and their roles according to your decisions: repairing/constructing buildings, harvesting materials, hunting animals and guarding the walls.

Meeting the goal is not always easy and you have plenty of options to develop your strategy.
Completing main tasks in the main campaign will unlock special rewards for smoother passage throughout the game.


    • There are several avatars and mounts available.
    • Each avatar and mount has different attributes that will change your approach to the game.
    • Several kinds of unlockable pets will follow and aid you throughout the campaign.
    • Ability to customize coins, the coin bag and the coat of arms of the settlement.
    • To unlock some options, it is necessary to complete the main tasks of the campaign.
    • It is possible to edit the avatar settings at any point in the game.

    • Builder - builds and improves buildings.
    • Forester - chops trees and clears wooded locations to further expand your settlement.
    • Farmer – provides a stable supply of coins before the winter comes.
    • Archer - hunts wild animals during the day and defends your settlement at night. Archers can change their positions and adapt to the defend the settlement.
    • Knight (soon - not available now) - defends archers and is able to follow the leader during the attack on goblin bases.
    • Ability to cancel an action already entered.
    • Ability to destroy an already built structure.
    • Ability to change your character and mount.
    • Ability to create an island according to your ideas and share with your friends.
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