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lilGunBois Steam CD Key

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Release date: 03/06/2018

The Basics

lilGunBois is a challenging little side view 2d platform action shooting experience with a pixelated retro look! Do your best to skillfully dodge bullets and make your way through all 15 levels while racking up points along your way! Once you beat the game you'll get to start over again in an even more challenging new game plus mode that cuts your health in half and doubles the amount of points you get for each enemy that gets taken down.


You can play with a gamepad (using the dpad to move, the a button to jump, and the x button to shoot) or a keyboard and keyboard (using a and d or left and right to move, space or z to jump, and x or the left mouse button to shoot).


There's steam cloud save support and the game automatically saves your progress every time you die or beat a level.

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