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PlayStation 5
Animation Arts Collection EU PC Steam CD Key

SSI Classics Bundle EU PC Steam CD Key

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Release date: 06/06/2023


  • Fantasy General
  • Pacific General
  • War Wind II: Human Onslaught
  • Veil of Darkness
  • The Summoning 
  • Dark Legions
  • Phantasie: Memorial Set
  • Great Naval Battles: The Final Fury
  • Prophecy of the Shadow
  • Renegade: Battle for Jacob's Star
  • Wargame Construction Set
  • Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks!
  • Wargame Construction Set III: Age of Rifles 1846-1905

Fantasy General invites you to enter a world of heroes, swords, magic and beasts. You must lead your army into battle with the Shadowlord’s forces and defeat each of his lieutenants across varying terrain and battlefields.

Pacific General explores the Pacific front of the Second World War. Taking control of Axis or Allied forces, you must strategically battle your way through the Eastern and Western front of the Pacific war, using a wide array of land, air and naval forces.

War Wind II: Human Onslaught is a compelling must-play for any real-time strategy fan. The game offers a great variety of vehicular, mechanised and special units, intense and exciting maps, along with a combat model that offers a dynamic balance of play.

Veil of Darkness
Plunge into a chilling maze of terror where vampires, werewolves and zombies prowl the dead of night. Confront Kairn, whose lethal powers flow from the blood of his murdered family. Will you emerge as the final victor? Or become his final victim? Your fate will be sealed within the Veil of Darkness.

Star General is light-years ahead of its proud ancestors from the award-winning 5-star strategy series. It proposes a two-level combat system that accommodates space combat and surface combat. Resource management - conquer enemy planets and develop them for your needs.

The Summoning is a fantasy role-playing adventure, set inside a huge labyrinth with 40 different levels and hordes of monsters. Use steel, magic and wit to fight, cast and puzzle your way through the evil that lies within. Struggle to survive and grow strong enough to fight and defeat Shadow Weaver.

Dark Legions
SUBTLE STRATEGY. RUTHLESS ACTION! That’s classic DARK LEGIONS from SSI. You get all the maneuvering, trickery and deception of the best strategy games.

Phantasie: Memorial Set compiles the classic RPG trilogy, featuring party-based adventures, turn-based combat, diverse classes, and epic quests. Phantasie series is a timeless contribution to early RPGs that embodies fantasy world exploration and strategic gameplay.

NECRODOME is a real-time, 3D, futuristic motorized mayhem. Drive a powerful, armored vehicle bristling with mega-weapons. Win or die in 30 daunting arenas. Keep on winning and you’ll make it to the Necrodome!

Great Naval Battles: The Final Fury
Battlestations! All hands prepare for the naval conflict on a truly grand scale! GREAT NAVAL BATTLES: THE FINAL FURY is loaded with enough historical and hypothetical naval conflict to keep players - from casual to connoisseur - busy for hours and hours!

STAR COMMAND offers the thrill of the best sci-fi novels, and then some. In this epic multiple-character role-playing game, you don't just read about the adventure — you live it!

Prophecy of the Shadow
Embark on a prophecy-driven quest in this classic fantasy RPG. Battle the encroaching Shadow Lords, navigate a world where magic is illegal, and uncover the truth behind a master's treacherous death. Real-time combat, spell-learning, and captivating storytelling await in this post AD&D-era gem.

Renegade: Battle for Jacob's Star
Dive into the ultimate experience of space combat with this first-person flight simulator! Take command and engage in thrilling battles across multiple difficulty levels, ensuring both novice and seasoned pilots can test their skills in the vast expanse of space. Are you ready for the challenge?

Wargame Construction Set
Ever dreamed of crafting your own wargames, from maps to soldiers? Design simple or complex battles, from man-to-man combat to large-scale campaigns. Build maps, customize units, and choose from historical, modern, fantasy, or sci-fi settings. Play ready-to-go games or unleash your creativity.

Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks!
Welcome to TANK HEAVEN! SSI's classic tactical warfare lets you command tanks from 1918 to 1991. Craft unique battles with the random scenario generator or take control with the custom editor. Endless possibilities await in this armored clash of eras - create or conquer!

Wargame Construction Set III: Age of Rifles 1846-1905
Build armies and participate in endless battles fought all over the world between 1846-1905. Age of Rifles features 8 campaigns, 65 scenarios. You can create your own battles - Game Editor allows for custom scenarios, campaigns, maps, uniforms and weaponry. You’ll never fight the same battle twice.

CyClones is a first-person shooter (FPS) classic from the 90s that challenges players to explore maze-like environments and take down flesh-steel monstrosities using an impressive arsenal of hi-tech weaponry.

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excellent, very fast and cheap, highly recommended to spend with friends, the girlfriend, the cat, interesting mechanics, recommended
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Very good the proudot working correctly, easy to acquire and without problems, great game and I highly recommend the product too!
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It worked perfect. Secure payment by PayPal plus the typical coupon you find on google to make the purchase a little cheaper and voila. I received the code instantly and no problem activating it.
Suwanto budi
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thanks, this is very useful, works well...............................................................................
Automatic translation
A bit misleading. What everyone is probably looking for is Paradox Grand Strategy Collection 2022, which is currently listed as out of stock. The current collection (I assume this is GSC 2022) on steam lists: HOI4 EU4 Imperator Rome CK2 Vic2 CK3 This only has: HOI 3 (not 4) EU4 CK2 Vic2 According to the description, it should also have Imperator: Rome, but it does not. I assume this is probably a much older version of the collection bundle? If so, this should be updated as I do not believe it accurately shows the price of the bundle or the discount. Additionally, I believe buying the games that this does come with separately does end up being cheaper than this bundle as well. So keep that in mind when making this purchase.