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Knowledge, or know Lady Steam CD Key

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Release date: 28/03/2024

Ladies' School Prince is a live interactive visual work. You will become the "sole male student in a women's university" and embark on a sweet and laughter-filled campus love journey from a first-person perspective!

Amidst the temptations of various beauties, will you stay faithful or be a heartbreaker? Alternatively, will you resist the allure, focus on your studies, and create your own campus legend?


  • First-person Perspective:
    Filmed using a first-person perspective, providing you with an immersive experience of love.
  • Diverse Endings:
    Multiple game endings, including single heroine endings, dual heroine endings, multiplayer endings, and the challenging "human limit" ending for the lone wolf in the girls' school, await your exploration!
  • Innovative Gameplay:
    Your choices directly influence the storyline development. During the exploration of the game, you can collect various in-game items and use them to unlock hidden plotlines.
  • Superb Visuals:
    In the campus life, six main heroines with different personalities will bring you unique romantic experiences!
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