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Manor Lords Steam CD Key

Manor Lords Steam CD Key

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Release date: 26/04/2024

Are you into both building villages or towns and fighting epic battles? If so, Manor Lords Steam CD Key is perfect for you. It is a strategy game set in the medieval context of what could be XI–XV century Europe. The player becomes a medieval Lord whose primary goal is to create, develop and manage a village. In addition to that (depending on the initial choice of the game’s mode), one can also create an army to protect the village and conquer the neighboring regions. Manor Lords was developed by Slavic Magic and published by Hooded Horse. It gained a lot of rave reviews even before its official premiere, which were based on the early access.

Main Advantages Of The Game

  • A well-executed combination of village or town building, economic simulation and epic battles.
  • An in-depth experience in each of the above mentioned areas, which are equally well-developed.
  • Players have total freedom in the placement and planning of the village and the roads.
  • Historical realism and devotion to details.
  • Stunning graphics.

Choosing The Identity

Once you get your Manor Lords Steam CD Key, you start by choosing your character in the game. You have got to pick one out of nine portraits of Lords and Ladies, with no option to customize them. Customization, however, is possible when it comes to your coat of arms. You can either upload your own design or create something using the elements offered.

The Kind Of Lord You Wanna Be

Your Steam CD Key gives you basically two options and three scenarios for the Manor Lords game. The first option and scenario – called Rise To Prosperity, is rather peaceful as it focuses on creating and developing a substantial town surrounded by forests, gathering resources (like food or firewood – anything the vicinity provides), managing and caring for people, paving the way for an increase in infrastructure (houses, roads, farms, marketplace, church, production facilities), population and trade, finally, as the title suggests, rising to prosperity and finishing your own castle. 

The second option is to choose either of the two remaining scenario templates – both of which include the focus on managing your village but also add the military aspect of this medieval city-builder.

Restoring The Peace is a direct suggestion of an ongoing war, so you should expect some military action here. Your town is one thing, the neighboring territories are another. Two of them that lie in the north are occupied by a rogue Baron (whose castle lies outside the playable area). Those territories are plagued by bandits, who cause unrest and hinder development there. Now, apart from taking care of your own settlement, you have to take charge of the two domains in question and save them from the misery by driving out the evil Baron and restoring peace. Thus, you need to expand your responsibilities and add to them establishing a well-trained militia and fighting both the bandits and the rogue Baron. In this mode your well-established economy will be the foundation of your military forces. In addition to your responsibilities from the Rise To Prosperity mode, you have got to train your forces to get them ready to confront the enemy and carefully strategically plan your expansion and all the military actions.

The third and final option called On the Edge. It is a fast-paced and challenging experience created to put your settlement building and military prowess into the ultimate test. It will be enjoyed the most by those players who especially appreciate the defensive and military aspects of gaming. What you should expect here are constant attacks by strange raiders, limited resources (especially at the start) and problems caused by harsh weather conditions in winter. The main focus here is on creating your military forces and defenses, but it will not work without proper strategy and careful planning. Just like with Restoring The Peace mode, your basis in On The Edge is good economics and strong settlement.

Your Kit For Starters

Beginning the game you have five families, one ox (soon you should get more oxen as they are very helpful with physical tasks), some wood, stones and fuel (wood for fireplace). You assign tasks to the families – in Manor Lords you don't manage individuals but the whole families. They will be hunting and collecting berries, chopping trees for wood, growing plants, breeding animals, making clothes, tools and weapons. You should provide them with houses – and it is better to build more than five as you want to attract more families.

Towns Life

In the real-time course of the game the community will have their wishes like building a well, then a church and finally a marketplace, where families sell their products. As your community grows, you can always check on the townspeople by clicking on a given house. As a result, you will get info about each family member's whereabouts and arrows should lead you to the place where they are currently working (hunting, collecting berries, taking care of animals, growing plants, etc.) Eventually you will establish your tax policy (with different tax rates for different social classes), and the money from taxes will be spent on expanding the town, as well as on your own needs like finishing your own castle.

Brick By Brick Mechanics

Manor Lords Steam CD Key offers you free placement and rotation of buildings. As a designer of your town, you should, however, remember to adjust the placement of houses and farms to the landscape. Buildings are constructed in stages, reflecting the gradual development of real medieval settlements. Adding to the reality effect, buildings are constructed in stages in order to reflect the gradual development of real medieval settlements.

Zoom Immersion

With a zoom-in function you can follow them and observe as if you were standing right next to them (third-person perspective). However, there is no interaction mode in the game and it is rather unlikely to be implemented in the future. Still it creates a great immersive experience.

Desperate Modes Call For Desperate Measures

Here is an example of what you should do in the military modes of Manor Lords Steam CD Key. First, you give your blacksmith the task of preparing armor and weapons. Second, you encourage the villagers to join your militia forces to fight for their Lord and town! However, you have to bear in mind that if you lose men in combat, you will not have enough workforce in the town. That is why you have to train them well and influence their behavior in the battle, as you can decide about their formation and the level of aggression in combat. When you are ready, you just summon them at once and send them where they are supposed to enter battle with the enemy forces. You may also pay mercenaries to do the job for you.

Weather Fun All Year Long

The weather in Manor Lords changes dynamically and impacts crops, resource gathering and even battles. Remember that each season of the year brings unique challenges and opportunities for you and the town.

A Touch Of Diplomacy

Manor Lords Steam CD Key offers you the option of writing diplomatic letters to neighboring lords. The letters may influence their actions and constitute a very useful tool in forging alliances.

Going Fast Forward

In case you got bored, as everything takes place in a real-time perspective, you have also got a 4x or 12x fast forward mode.

When Unreal Means Real

Manor Lords Steam CD Key is based on the Unreal Engine technology, which – despite the name – makes the visual experience of the game actually more realistic. In addition to great overall visuals, you will also appreciate all the small details that do an excellent job, especially when you zoom in the action.

Language Versions

Manor Lords Steam CD Key provides you with 19 language options (interface and subtitles) to choose from:

  • English
  • German
  • Polish
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Hungarian
  • Swedish
  • Ukrainian     

With the full audio available only in English.


  • Manor Lords Steam CD Key puts emphasis on historical accuracy as much as possible in order to make the experience of playing more believable; visuals in the game are inspired by Franconia of the 14th century.
  • You can choose the level of difficulty of Manor Lords from relaxing to challenging where the game is actually quite unforgiving.
  • Apart from the templates in the game, you also have fine-tuning options including the level of aggression, the number of raiders and frequency of assaults; there are also different options for the economy and management.
  • Resources, like wood or meat, go through multiple stages of processing before becoming finished goods; it is your task to manage that processin effectively.
  • Tactic battles in Manor Lords are similar to those one may know from the Total War series.
  • The creation of Manor Lords involved motion capture and 3D scanning techniques.
  • To achieve high visual fidelity, the game utilizes Quixel Megascans and hand-made photogrammetry.
  • The game was handcrafted by a single Polish developer Grzegorz Styczeń hiding behind his company name Slavic Magic. Manor Lords is actually his official debut.
  • Force Gaming YouTube channel describes the Manor Lords gaming experience as almost like playing a medieval Sim City with a splash of Age Of Empires.
  • Ian Boudreau writes in his PCGamesN review: Manor Lords looks like Braveheart meets Banished.


  • Is Manor Lords going to be available for PC Game Pass subscribers? – YES.
  • Is Manor Lords going to be available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers? – YES.
  • Is Manor Lords a singleplayer game? – YES.
  • Does Manor Lords have a multiplayer option? – NO.
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