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Arma 3 Creator DLC: Spearhead 1944 Steam Altergift

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Requires the base game Arma 3 on Steam in order to play.
Release date: 25/07/2023

Fight through the bocage of Normandy as you take part in Operation Cobra - the US Army's attempt to break through the German lines several weeks after D-Day. Use iconic and authentic weapons and vehicles to recreate or even alter history, in this World War 2 sandbox for Arma 3.


  • Normandy - 150 km2 terrain

    • This new unique terrain is a detailed representation of the actual terrain in Normandy at 1:2 scale where Operation Cobra took place. Normandy features numerous faithfully recreated real world locations that were involved in the Overlord campaign, covering from St Lo down to Roncey and Lengronne.
    • Complete with labyrinthine hedgerows and branching rivers, quiet farmsteads, dug in positions, ancient orchards and countryside towns lying in ruins, featuring new custom created era specific and highly detailed buildings, rivers, environmental foliage and fortifications bringing the World War II setting to life.
    • Normandy promises intense close-quarter firefights and thrilling combined-arms gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.

  • 5 new factions, civilians, 30 new weapons, explosives, uniforms and other gear

    • Spearhead 1944 offers 30 new weapons with realistic sounds and detailed animations. New grenades and mines all with hand-crafted effects. It also comes with more than 200 uniform variants, 60+ vest variants, 70+ backpack variants, and 150+ headgear variants alongside a bunch of accessories.
    • Enter the fight with the US 2nd Armored Division using iconic weapons such as the M1 Garand, M1A1 Thompson and the M2 Flamethrower, plus many others that were used on the frontline. Make use of static weapons like the M1 57mm AT Gun, the M1 81mm Mortar or the M45 Quadmount. Storm trenches using a wide array of rifle grenades, thrown grenades and explosives including Illumination, Incendiary and White Phosphorus variants. Surprise or disable German convoys or patrols using different AT and APERS mines or TNT charges.
    • Defend German positions as the German Wehrmacht utilizing weapons like the famous MG 42, Stg 44 and the Flammenwerfer 41. Dig in with statics like the 10.5cm leFH18, FlaK 36 and 38 and the PaK 40. Toss Anti-Tank Grenades, Concussion and multiple different Smoke Grenades at the approaching Allied Forces or fortify and mine your positions with German mines like the Schützenmine 42 or the TMI-42 AT Mine.
    • Join the French Interior Forces and the French Liberation Army, which not only used the foreign weapons, grenades and mines at their disposal but also have their own unique weapons like the FM Mle. 1924 M29, Fusil Mle. 208 12G and the Sten Mk.II suppressed and unsuppressed.

  • 31 Vehicle Variants

    • United States
      • M16 Half Track
      • M3 Half Track (Transport, Ambulance, Ammo, Fuel, Repair)
      • M3A1 Half Track
      • M10 Tank Destroyer
      • M18 Hellcat
      • M4 Sherman (with variants including the M4 and M4A1)
      • M4A1 - T34 Calliope Sherman
      • M4A1 76(W) Sherman
      • P-47D Thunderbolt (M8 Rockets, 500/1000 lbs Bombs with optional impact delays and 100 lb WP Bomb)
    • German
      • Sd. Kfz. 250/1 Half Track
      • Sd. Kfz. 305 Blitz (Transport, Ambulance, Ammo, Anti Air, Fuel, Repair)
      • PzKpfw III Ausf J/L/M/N
      • Pzkpfw IV Ausf G
      • Pzkpfw VI Ausf H1
      • Sd. Kfz. 164 Nashorn
      • FW 190 F-8 (20 and 13 mm MG’s, SC-50 Bomb with optional impact delays, NC-50 Smoke Bomb)
  • Multiplayer Campaign
    Mount up with the 2nd Armored Division for Operation Cobra with up to 24 players and experience the legendary operation that changed the course of war in Western Europe during late July of 1944.
    • 7 fully-voiced immersive missions taking place across large swaths of Normandy.
    • Animated briefings for each mission describe the battlefield situation and lay out the tasks and objectives players must complete.
    • Plan your strategy with your friends by voting on multiple tactical choices in each mission, providing increased replayability with the chance to try different approaches and roles.
    • Wide range of player roles to choose from, including tankers, engineers, flamethrower operators, medics and much more.
  • Singleplayer
    Familiarize yourself with the history and equipment of the US and German factions during Operation Cobra by exploring two new single player showcases, or take part in a daring assignment as part of the French Resistance either solo or with up to 4 friends called “Der Zahnarzt”.

  • Gamemodes
    • Zeus - Create your own missions and play your own way, with both US and German CO-OP scenarios pre-made and ready to go.
    • Combat Patrol - Spearhead version with faction selection, more tasks, wide customization via mission parameters and automatic support for WW2 mods.
    • Escape - Spearhead version with faction selection, a tougher experience and automatic support for WW2 mods.
    • Warlords - Spearhead version with faction selection, more customization via mission parameters and automatic support for WW2 mods.

  • Gameplay Enhancements
    • Custom Revive System: An enhanced version of the Arma 3 revive system providing full AI support with features such as dragging unconscious allies, stabilizing bleeding and further customization options.
    • Morale System: Simulates the unit morale that may make AI decide to retreat, drop their weapons or surrender altogether. POWs can be questioned to receive information on potential enemy forces and their locations.
    • Indirect Fire Support: Allows players and AI to call in battlefield support in various forms: mortars, heavy artillery and CAS over the radio or even direct fire from nearby tanks.
    • Realistic Vehicle Damage: Simulates realistic deflection, armor penetration, spalling and ammo rack cook off with enhanced visual effects and the destruction of vehicle components.
    • Extended Reload Animations: Infantry weapons have multiple reload animations available to them such as alternate reloads when reloading on a non-empty magazine, or loading individual rounds to top up a bolt action rifles fixed magazine.
    • Hip Fire System and Wall Avoidance: Simulates the challenges of heavy or long weapons such as machine guns in close combat. Machine guns are typically held in a low position at the hip but can be shouldered unsupported with an increasing penalty to aim over time. Longer weapons will raise or lower when colliding with objects or walls. Promoting the use of shorter, more appropriate weapons in close combat fighting and discouraging “run and gun” with heavy weapons.
    • Improved Soundscape: Immersive and realistic projectile sounds to enhance your gameplay, with ricochet and hefty impact sounds. Drop the ambient war sounds module and complete your battle audio experience. Hear planes zoom overhead in full doppler effect taken from authentic real world sounds.
    • New Weapon Attachments: Bayonets and a variety of Rifle Grenades expand the arsenal of players, offering new options for anti armor, illumination, concealment as well as close and long range engagements by swapping out attachments on their weapons.
    • Flamethrowers: Introducing a flamethrower as a weapon option brings a unique and powerful tool to players, allowing them to unleash devastating fire attacks and control the battlefield in a different way.
    • Towing and Pushing Anti-Tank Guns: Players are able to tow or push anti-tank guns both with vehicles and by hand, enabling them to reposition heavy weaponry quickly and efficiently.
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Automatic translation
Super game I like one of the realistic military games I've played so far I definitely recommend it
Automatic translation
Arma 3 is an amazing military simulation that offers a huge world and an incredibly realistic combat experience. It is a game that has gained great popularity among fans of tactical games and lovers of the military genre. One of the most striking elements of the game is its vast space. The Altis map, included in the base game, offers a huge playing field with diverse terrains, from vast plains to dense forests and mountainous regions. In addition, other maps such as Tanoa, Malden or Livonia are available, which add even more possibilities for exploration and strategic planning. Another important element is the realistic approach to military simulation. Arma 3 tries to depict the modern war environment as faithfully as possible, both from the point of view of weapons and equipment, and from the point of view of tactics and communication. Players have a wide variety of weapons, vehicles, and equipment at their disposal that they can use to complete various missions and tasks.
Automatic translation
I bought it and quickly confirmed, thank you to the seller. I've been intrigued for a long time and I went crazy and bought it right away.
Automatic translation
If you have ever wanted to commit warcrimes, shoot russians and the screaming kid next to you with an Rpgs backblast this game is for you and its a modding paradice
Automatic translation
Wonderful game, very strategic, without a doubt one of the best in the business. You can have a realistic combat experience