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Wind Angel Ⅱ Steam CD Key

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Release date: 15/04/2021

Wind Angel II is a vertical scrolling flying shooting game. The player controls the protagonist's fighter plane to fight the enemy in the universe.


  • Players can get diamonds by destroying enemy aircraft, and diamonds can upgrade the protagonist’s fighter aircraft in the supply station.
  • The types that can be upgraded include the number of bullets, the power of bullets, lasers, protective shields, large-scale attack weapons, and so on.
  • After the player defeats a specific enemy, he will get an escort fighter.
  • Different escort fighters have different attack methods and can carry up to two escort fighters. It can be set in the replenishment station.
  • Players can gain experience when hitting an enemy aircraft.
  • After the experience is over, the main and secondary guns of the fighter will upgrade.
  • After reaching the maximum level, the protagonist has a chance to enter the blood state.
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