Survive a Game of Hide & Seek
in the Haunted Castle!

Sneak Out is a crazy game of hide & seek full of mischief, pranks, and fun shenanigans for up to six players.

  • I love this game! Can’t wait to play it on release!

    Annie Fuchsia

  • This will be this year’s hit!


  • Although I'm a CS guy, Sneak Out has got me totally hooked!


Time to Cause Mischief

  • Epic Game of Hide & Seek

    Become a Hunter or a Hider and get sneaky in the Haunted Castle!

  • Thrilling Mischief

    From thrilling chases to peaceful moments, every corner of the Castle promises adventure!

  • Sneaky Interactions

    Choose to cooperate with others… or go solo and prank them to your heart's content!

  • Great Escape

    Survive the hunt and find your way to the escape portal before the time runs out!

Instill Fear as the Hunter

You are it! Randomly chosen to be the coolest Hunter ever! Instill fear, find those pesky Penguins, and don't let any of them escape the Castle!

  • The Reaper

    Seasons don’t fear the reaper, but little Penguins do! Take your scythe and teleport close to cut them down!

  • Vampire

    Everyone can see that you have a taste for blood. But no one knows that you can turn yourself into a bat!

  • Scarecrow

    The only thing scarier from a walking pumpkinhead on a stick are the throwable pumpkin bombs he carries!

Try to Escape as a Hider

You are promoted to be a potential victim! Run away, hide wherever you can, get stealthy, and complete the tasks to open portal to safety!

  • Get Stealthy and Hide

    Ready or not, hide in the bushes, hide in the vents, hide wherever you can. And hold your breath so the Hunter won’t catch you!

  • Complete Tasks

    No escaping for those who don’t put up the work! Complete small, and complex tasks, get richer while doing them, and get closer to opening up the portal.

  • Change to Prop

    No place to hide, no place to run? Turn yourself into a lamp. Or another prop that the Hunter can easily miss.

  • Grab a Shovel

    It’s not easy being dead. So if your friend happens to “seek opportunities outside of the realm of the living”, find a shovel and resurrect them.

  • Trap’ Em

    It’s just so much running a Penguin can take before he snaps, no? Use a bear trap to catch the Hunter off guard or a well-placed banana peel!

  • Use Some Magic

    It’s all in the wrist! One simple wave of a wand, and you switch places with your friend. Fingers crossed, they’ll survive the Hunter’s attack!

Haunt Them as a Ghost

Congratulations, you're dead! But in the Haunted Castle, death is only just the beginning. Your only job in the afterlife is to mess with the Hunter!

  • Wanna Be a Knight?

    Even in death, you can make your dreams come true! Possess a Knight’s Armor and become a gallantry pain in the rear for any Hunter!

  • Make It Slimey

    Forget maintaining your full corporeal status, and just leave behind enough ectoplasm to make it slippery for the pursuer.

  • Chairs, Chairs Everywhere!

    You know what’s great about chairs? Possessing one of them so you can hit your killer straight in the head!

Join the Sneaky challenge!

Are you ready for the Sneaky Challenge?

From June 6 to June 9, stream Sneak Out on your channel for a chance to win fantastic prizes. The top three streamers with the most hours played during the contest period will claim their spot on the winner’s podium. The played time will be determined by the Twitch Tracker.

  • Save the date!

    6.06 15:00 CEST – 9.06 23:59 CEST

  • Play & Stream

    Simply stream Sneak Out on Twitch during the specified contest dates.

  • $$

    1st Place: €2000; 2nd Place: €1000 3rd Place: €300

JUNE 2024

June is coming. So is SneakOut!

The gates to our Haunted Castle are set to swing open for good in June, unleashing a world of sneaky hide-and-seek adventure for all of you.


Check out what we are cooking for you next!

  • 4 new emotes, brand new dance & Huge event: “Welcome - it's time to have some fun”


  • New 4 skins and emotes! Also 2 special events: “Olympic competitions” & “Terrible competition”. All of this with brand new Dance moves



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sneak Out will be released on June 6, 2024.

  • We're focusing on PC for launch. We plan to expand this in the future.

  • At launch, we will only be on PC. We intend to release the game on Playstation, Xbox and NIntendo Switch in the future.

  • Yes, when the game is released on other platforms, there will be full cross play in the game.

  • Sneak Out will adopt a free-to-play model, allowing players to join the fun without upfront costs.

  • Sneak Out will feature in-game purchases such as character customization options and other cosmetic items.

  • The game will offer premium cosmetic DLCs, allowing players to expand their customization options.

  • While the primary focus is online multiplayer, the inclusion of local or split-screen modes has not been confirmed.

  • Matches will feature six players, creating a dynamic multiplayer environment. In the future, we plan more modes where the number of players will vary.

  • At the moment, there is one mode in which 6 players take part and one of them becomes the hunter. We plan to add other modes in the future.

  • The development team is committed to regularly updating the game with new content, including additional game modes.

  • Sneak Out is being developed by Kinguin Studios that prioritizes delivering a fun and engaging multiplayer experience.