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Kinguin Celebrates a Decade of Gaming Excellence: A Journey Through the Years

A decade ago, in 2013, the gaming community witnessed the birth of an online marketplace that would revolutionise the way gamers buy and sell their favourite titles. Today, as Kinguin reaches its 10th anniversary milestone, it's time to reflect on the incredible journey that has brought us to this point. From humble beginnings to becoming a global gaming destination, Kinguin has truly etched its mark in the gaming industry. Let's take a trip down memory lane, highlighting key milestones that have shaped Kinguin's success.


Along this path, we not only attained the significant milestones but also secured a multitude of smaller yet equally pivotal victories. These smaller triumphs, often overshadowed by grander events, are nonetheless crucial threads woven into the rich tapestry of our growth story. As the years unfold, our achievements persist as vital chapters in the ongoing narrative of our evolution:


  • Launch of
  • Kinguin processed the first 100,000 transactions


  • Kinguin steps into esports with sponsorships of TSM and Fnatic
  • Kinguin reaches 1,000,000 registered accounts 
  • The first Kinguin for charity event


  • Team Kinguin (esports team) is created
  • Kinguin introduces Dogecoin as a first crypto payment option


  • Kinguin reaches 5,000,000 registered accounts
  • 5,000,000th transaction


  • Kinguin reaches 7,000,000 registered accounts


  • Kinguin Esports Performance Center is opened


  • Kinguin Esports Lounge Gdansk is opened


  • Kinguin reaches over 10,000,000 registered accounts
  • Kinguin launches Kinguin Cares - a charity project for orphanages


  • Kinguin launches NFT marketplace in cooperation with Immutable X
  • First Kinguin Legends esports tournament


  • 10th anniversary of
  • Kinguin introduces Open Banking payments
  • Kinguin reaches over 17,000,000 registered accounts


Our heartfelt gratitude extends to everyone who has been an integral part of our extraordinary journey, making the celebration of our 10th anniversary a testament to collective efforts and shared achievements from both the present and bygone years. The success of this event resonates harmoniously with its intended purpose, aligning seamlessly with the objectives set forth.

As we raise a collective cheer to commemorate the incredible path we've traversed together, we embrace not just the accomplishments behind us but also eagerly anticipate the next chapter that awaits. Here's to the unwritten pages of our future, where we are poised to embrace new challenges, set ambitious goals, and embark on journeys that will undoubtedly unveil many more milestones on the horizon.