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XBOX Series X|S

Darksiders III - Digital Extras DLC Steam CD Key

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Release date: 27/11/2018

The Digital Extras include the Darksiders III Soundtrack and 2 paid DLCs: The Crucible, Keepers of the Void

01 Fury's Theme
02 The Hollowing Ceremony
03 The Horseman
04 Why So Envious
05 Sloth
06 Soul Gathering
07 Wrath
08 Requiem Aeternam
09 Lord of the Hollows
10 The Submerged Realm
11 Gluttony
12 Usiel's Bargain
13 Illusions of Power
14 Lust
15 Vulgrim
16 Pride
17 Abraxis
18 Ulthane
19 Maker's Hideout
20 Come Play With Us
21 Avarice
22 The Scar
23 Haven City
24 Envy      

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Automatic translation
very nice and immediate game a bit repetitive but nice then now with the new resolution and 60 fps free but really a nice game
Automatic translation
absolutely loved the first and second darksiders. of the third, i wasnt really a big fan of. no sexism tho. but this one is kinda cool again. of course, nothing beats the first two ones but its alright.
Automatic translation
A great sequel to this great series. The creators made sure that we had long hours of great entertainment. I highly recommend this title
Automatic translation
I just love this game, whoever likes hack'n'slash will really like this game, it may be old but give it a chance
Automatic translation
If you haven't had contact with the previous items in the Darksiders series, the first moments of fun and numerous references to past events may make you a bit confused. In Darksiders III we play the role of Fury, a member of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (four in this case), who receives a combat task from the Council of the Ashes. The Seven Deadly Sins have spread across the face of the Earth, so they must be herded back to the pen. Accompanying Fury in this struggle is the Watcher, a secret entity assigned to her by the Council to oversee its progress. Advantages + well-directed cutscenes + diverse world + rich arsenal of weapons and power + boss fights + pleasant soundtrack + Polish language version