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Time Ramesside (A New Reckoning) Steam CD Key

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Release date: 01/05/2015

A New Reckoning is an Action-Horror FPS using the Unreal 4 Engine to deliver a true next-gen zombie experience. Explore a horrific story that involves your 8 year old daughter, Gabby, who seems to be caught in the middle of a wide spread disease not only affects humans, but other life forms as well.
You play as scientist Mark Faroh, who has been confined to a government facility. On your way to the facility, chaos, death and destruction takes place. You quickly realize that your past has caught up to you, and it involves your daughter. Your only hope for survival is to fight your way through different parts of terrain, learn how to harvest certain zombies' special abilities and how to wield them in combat. Explore open worlds, and discover the truth about the chaos that has taken place.

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