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Buy Half Past Disaster Steam CD Key

Buy Half Past Disaster Steam CD Key

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Release date: 13/10/2017

Half Past Disaster is a Puzzle Platformer designed to send you madder than a man with a clock stuck to his face. You will embark on this tough as nails journey with your choice of Greg, or Meg, who must try to return to their own time following an incident at Clock INC (Blame Greg).

The one rule of Half Past Disaster is simple: Time only moves when you do. Greg, Meg and you, the player, must use this power to power through different stages of time, jumping off platforms, collecting hats, avoiding terrifying monsters, and most important of all, not falling to your death in a pit. Half Past Disaster brings together the super tough platforming reinvigorated by such games as Super Meat Boy, and adds in the time bending mechanic seen in such games as Superhot, to bring you a fresh platforming experience, designed to test your skill.


  • 7 Time periods of puzzle platforming goodness.
  • Epic Boss Battles against all manner of creature.
  • Helpful power-ups to aid you on your journey.
  • A totally original and timeless soundtrack.
  • A level editor to make your own brain-bending puzzles
  • A story that will have you cheering for our heroes, and hating the legal department at work.
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