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XBOX Series X|S
ELDEN RING: Shadow of the Erdtree Edition EU PC Steam CD Key
Elden Ring EU PC Steam CD Key
ELDEN RING: Shadow of the Erdtree Deluxe Edition EU PC Steam CD Key

ELDEN RING: Shadow of the Erdtree Edition EU PC Steam CD Key

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Release date: 20/06/2024


  • Base Game
  • ELDEN RING - Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

The legend returns

Players who fell in love with Elden Ring can rejoice once more, thanks to a historic event. FromSoftware is back with a new expansion that introduces an entirely new storyline and a vast array of terrain to explore.

Follow the "Path of Miquella"

The Elden Ring expansion takes players to a world shrouded in death. This description is no coincidence, as you will venture into the realm of shadows, where darkness, a somber atmosphere, and eternal agony greet you from the moment you cross the gate of shadows. The Golden Tree will once again play a significant role in the story. It is here that the goddess Marika first set foot after leaving her homeland, the world of the Numen. Miquella, a demigod cursed to eternal childhood, and the son of Marika and Radagon, as well as the brother of Malenia, also journeyed to this mysterious land. Although his spirit has left the Lands Between, his presence still permeates this world. Are you ready to battle in the Shadow Realm? Take advantage of the best offer from Kinguin and play Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree on your PC now.

What you love, remains!

The game expansion doesn't significantly alter the gameplay. Observing how much players enjoyed the existing mechanics, the developers decided to stick with what works well. As a result, the focus is primarily on new storylines, allowing for extensive exploration of both the narrative and the Shadow Realm itself.

What's new? Will there be enough space in your backpack?

This question is difficult to answer definitively because FromSoftware has introduced many new items in the inventory. On the screen, you'll see new armor, talismans, spells, and spirit ashes that allow you to summon fallen allies, but that's not all. Knowing the importance of weapons, the developers have added new armaments. This time, there are eight new options to choose from, including dueling shields and special weaponry for battles using arcane martial arts. It will undoubtedly look spectacular on your PCs.

When is all of this happening?

Elden Ring, as always, conceals many mysteries. However, to ensure even smoother gameplay this time around, the decision was made to place the game expansion at the same time as the base title. Therefore, Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree unfolds simultaneously with the base game. Another thing to note is that in this scenario, the expansion does not affect the game's ending.

It won't be that simple.

Certainly, the first thing that may come to players' minds is preparing for the latest content in the game so that their character can handle the challenges posed by enemies. In order to make the gameplay even more challenging, the developers have implemented an option to scale the difficulty of the game to match the player's character, ensuring that traversing the Shadow Realm provides a significant sense of satisfaction in combat.

This will be another dark adventure.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree stays true to the mechanics known from the base game. Players embody their created character, traversing vast, open landscapes, exploring side dungeons (known as catacombs), and delving into complex main locations. During their journey, they face both regular enemies and powerful bosses (there are several of them, including Messmer). Each defeated foe provides the player with runes, which serve as both currency and experience points.


When Will Elden Ring : Shadow Of The Erdtree Be Released?

The game’s release date on PC is set for June 20th, 2024.

The game Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree will be available on what platforms?

Elden Ring : Shadow Of The Erdtree is available on: PC. Nonetheless, the game expansion will also be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series starting June 21st.

Is the game multiplayer?

The game is exclusively designed for single-player mode.

Do I need to have purchased the base version of the game to play the expansion?

Yes, the base version of the game is required to run the expansion.

Do I Have to Play any other games to understand the Story?

For a complete understanding of the Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree expansion, playing the base version of the game will be necessary.

Is the game available in my native language?

Elden Ring : Shadow Of The Erdtree  is available in many languages : English, French, Italian, German, Spanish - Spain, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese - Brazil, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish - Latin America, Thai and Traditional Chinese.  

What games does Elden Ring : Shadow Of The Erdtree resemble? 

Elden Ring : Shadow Of The Erdtree is similar to games such as Sekiro : Shadows Die Twice, Dark Souls III, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Should you play Elden Ring : Shadow Of The Erdtree with good headphones?

Yes, we recommend playing Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree with high-quality headphones, as it will greatly enhance the immersion in the game's atmosphere. This way, the gameplay experience will be even better, as the sound design is incredibly finely tuned.

How can I pay for the game on Kinguin?

Kinguin offers nearly 200 payment methods, so choose the one that's most optimal for you. Want to know how payments work on Kinguin? We've written about how buying games on our marketplace is easy, enjoyable, and safe. You can find the link below!


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Honestly, I haven't bought the game here and that's why I'm a little sad, even though it's a great boss, but I'm going to buy the DLC here since I know it's much cheaper than on any other discount platform and I've heard great things about this DLC . The page is also secure, which gives it very good positive points.
Automatic translation
Elden Ring is a masterpiece that blends challenging combat, an expansive open world, and rich lore. FromSoftware's intricate design and stunning visuals create an unforgettable experience. A must-play for RPG fans
Automatic translation
The game is very extensive, it is a soulslike game, but you can still have a lot of fun playing it. I recommend !
Automatic translation
Truly incredible game, beautiful graphic and artistic style, satisfying, fun, never boring, difficult but not too much
Automatic translation
one of the best video games ever made, elden ring is practically perfect in every single way. i am not a glazer but i do have to put some respect on miyazakis name he the goat fr fr