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Buy ESET Mobile Security for Android (1 Year / 1 Device)

Buy ESET Mobile Security for Android (1 Year / 1 Device)

Region Free
This is a 1 year licence for 1 Device.
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I've been happy with Eset for years, I've been using it on my PC for umpteen years now and now I've bought it again for my Samsung S22 Ultra. Since I'm on the go from time to time on not so safe sites, I've decided to buy it for my cell phone for years. I was already satisfied with the software with the trial campaign, so it could also move into my cell phone for a longer period of time ;)
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Eset works great. Theft protection and other safeguards are structured logically. I now feel safer on the Internet with my android.

24/7 security for one of your most valuable possessions

Your mobile devices probably contain as much personal info and important data as your computer—maybe more. And think of all the photos, videos and music you keep there. Safeguard everything you store or access via your phone with ESET’s powerful antivirus and antispam. Screen out unwanted texts and calls with your own personalized settings. Locate, track and lock your devices if they’re lost or stolen, and improve your chance of recovery. You can even erase data on your device remotely in the event that it is lost or stolen.

Androids are particularly vulnerable to malware carried by apps, since they can download from any source—not just large, reliable marketplaces. ESET checks all apps you want to download and alerts you to potential dangers. Apps you’ve already installed are scanned and organized to show you permission levels and what information on your phone or tablet they can access. You’ll also see whether they’re using GPS to track your location.


  • Continually scans all apps, files, folders and memory cards for emerging threats.
  • Shop and buy online with confidence knowing your personal data and account info is secure.
  • Lets you filter out unwanted SMS, create your own safelists, or block all unknown numbers.
  • Locate, track and lock a lost or missing device, send a message to the finder, or erase the contents remotely.