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Windows 10 Professional OEM Pro product Key

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Key activation
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This key cannot be used to change the system version from Home to Professional.
This key can be used only once per PC/motherboard.
We suggest using the automated phone system in order to activate your code.
Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.
This product is valid for activating both 32 and 64 bit versions.
An upgrade to Windows 11 is possible if the PC meets the minimum requirements of the new operating system.
Release date: 29/07/2015

Buy Windows 10 Pro Key – Pro Features for an Attractive Price

Windows 10’s management and deployment features are relevant even today. A new approach to how files are found and managed, a restored Start menu, a new Windows Store, quick access lists, application previews, and used resources on the taskbar are just some of the improvements contributing to faster work and increased user interaction. High performance, low demands on hardware resources, and reliable and stable operation ensure that your entire PC runs smoothly.

The Professional version offers all the features of Windows 10 Home, plus enhanced business functionality like encryption, remote login, virtual machine creation, and much more. If you want absolutely the best experience from your operating system, the Pro version is the way to go. 

Windows 10 Home vs Pro vs Enterprise


Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Enterprise

Maximum RAM

4GB (32bit) 128GB (64bit)

4GB (32bit) 512GB(64bit)

4GB (32bit) 512GB (64bit)

BitLocker and EFS



Business Storage



Enterprise Data Protection







Hardware Device Encryption




Mobile Device Management




Virtual Desktop




Windows Hello




The differences between the systems lie under the hood. At first glance, both systems are pretty much the same. However, there are some business features you won’t find on the Home version.


The encryption software from Microsoft has undergone continuous development and updates since the Windows Vista era, seamlessly integrated into Windows 10. Starting from Windows 8.1, BitLocker has provided the capability to encrypt not only the Windows boot drive but also other fixed drives within the system, along with USB keys and external drives.

Remote Desktop Connection

Both Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Professional devices have the capability to establish Remote Desktop Connections, allowing the "master" machine to take control of the "slave" machine and its resources. 

It's important to note that initiating such a connection results in the display on the "slave" device being blanked. However, it's worth mentioning that only Windows 10 Professional machines can be remotely controlled; this functionality is not available for Windows 10 Home machines.

Client Hyper-V

For enthusiasts, especially those keen on exploring Insider builds without risking their primary system, Hyper-V proves to be an invaluable tool. Indeed, virtualization stands out as a crucial technology integrated into various aspects of Windows 10 Pro.

By leveraging virtualization, you establish a protected operational space on your PC, enabling the execution of diverse operating systems such as Linux, upcoming iterations of Windows 10, and even legacy Windows versions. (Ensure you possess valid license keys for the operating system and a PC processor that supports virtualization, as not all older models do.)

Windows Sandbox

While WDAG used to be our preferred option for web browsing, Sandbox represents an enhancement. Consider Sandbox as an improvement over WDAG or a somewhat scaled-down version compared to a complete Hyper-V window. 

Essentially, Sandbox offers a streamlined method for initiating a self-contained virtual environment, eliminating the necessity for license keys or other prerequisites. However, it's important to note that Sandbox is not widely available just yet! It made its debut in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

Difference Between Retail Product Key and OEM Key

A retail Windows key is designed for individual consumers and is typically sold in packaging like boxes, cards, or digital codes. It can be activated by anyone on a selected device.

On the other hand, OEM keys are product keys specifically intended for the original hardware manufacturers. These keys come pre-installed on machines and cannot be transferred to another computer. However, you can assign a Windows 10 Pro OEM key to your Microsoft account, so you can use your license across multiple devices. 

While retail keys may be pricier, they offer the flexibility of activation on any machine by any user, as seen with game keys. In contrast, OEM keys are embedded by manufacturers in devices like laptops or PCs that come with Windows 11 pre-installed.

Legal Note:
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) versions offer the buyer the huge advantage of purchasing the same software at a significantly lower price. In Germany, the purchase, distribution and use of OEM versions is completely legal. In other words, trading of OEM versions even without hardware is legally permitted.

The Federal Court ruling allowed the sale of OEM versions and DSP versions without associated hardware.

As a result of this ruling, you may install and use this version on any computer. This is documented in the judgment of the Federal Court of Justice of 06.07.2000 - I ZR 244/97, and states: In the judgment of 6 July 2000 ruled the Federal High Court (BGH) that the exhaustion principle can not be undermined by license provisions of the manufacturers (Az I ZR 244/97 - OEM Decision - Judgment in GRUR 2001, 153).

At that time Developer complained against the resale of so-called OEM software, which was contractually tied to new hardware at the time of sale, but had been brought into isolation by the intermediate dealer. The lawsuit was dismissed. The BGH stated in its judgment that the retransmission is free due to the exhaustion of the copyright distribution right.

The specified brand is copyrighted and is used here only for product description.

Product Rating
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Automatic translation
Worked great, my license activated after I installed the ISO from Microsoft's site. For whatever reason it took me a few times inputting it for it to activate it, but I got it done in ~5 minutes, so no big deal. Fully licensed and good to go now, excellent deal given that it's over $6100 cheaper than a retail key lmao. Highly recommended!
No issues
Automatic translation
Its windows, what is there to say? Easy to activate and use as expected. Windows 11 Pro is the only one worth using though.
Automatic translation
Worked perfectly, activated it through windows settings without any problems, didn't need to use my phone or anything
Automatic translation
This particular Windows 10 software was an absolute game changer for my first new desktop PC since high school (I'm in my 30s now). The build was also my first COVID project which endears it even more to me. In my choice of OS, Windows was the only way to go for me personally and professionally and the price is really the discriminator here. The price point on the software justified my entire PC build and kept me in budget. I would probably be sporting a lame laptop from Amazon Warehouse if it weren't for this excellent, and surprisingly-simple-to-activate copy of Windows.
Automatic translation
Just purchased a Windows 11 Pro OEM key through Transaction was smooth, and the key was received immediately after I claimed it. I used the key after I upgraded a Non-Activated version of Windows 10 Pro to Windows 11 Pro. The key was accepted and Windows 11 Pro was activated immediately without any hassles, phone calls, etc. A very smooth and successful transaction. Thanks to Kinguin and!