Stephen A. Crystal, Esq. takes position of the Advisory Board of

The function of Mr. Crystal comprises giving strategic advice in his field of expertise, specifically financial instruments and digital asset technology, especially in regards to blockchain technology, Initial Coin Offerings and other Initial Token Offering projects.

He invests, advises, consults, and represents gaming clients worldwide in various casino development, interactive gaming, and gaming technology endeavors, including bingo, eSports, and DFS platforms. Experience of Mr. Crystal includes igaming, land-based casinos, the hospitality industry, tribal gaming, software implementation, interactive gaming, intellectual property, taking companies public, raising capital, launching products, strategic partnerships, new tech innovations, tech transactions, consulting, outsourcing solutions, investing, project management, project development, lobbying, land use, and regulatory and governmental compliance.

Kinguin is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces with video games, software and in-game items (With 6 million customer visits, 4,000+ active merchants, operating on 24 markets globally). Kinguin provides the community with access to great gaming experiences by building platforms, services and locations that supports the free economy and personal rights of gamers. Currently, Kinguin is not only one of the leading marketplaces in the industry but also a lead innovator when it comes to constantly exploring and expanding new areas of business within the industry. This includes esports, blockchain technology, developing a decentralized marketplace and launching an ICO.

While Kinguin migrates their services into blockchain, they are creating the future marketplace for gamers from all around the world. A one stop shop for player to player trading which redefines where, how and what digital goods can be monetized. Having a decentralized economy for the global gaming community infused by Kinguin, would allow them to transition the existing marketplace to a new level that suits the needs of all consumers. To create a sustainable ecosystem within the gaming industry provides value that benefits clientele of all levels. Whether you're a player, publisher, streamer, youtuber, merchant, wholesaler, developer or a partner, Kinguins new marketplace will become a central hub that drives the industry forward. To learn more about the upcoming ICO head over to for more information.

It’s a big honour to have Stephen on board. As a veteran and innovator not only in the Casinos industry, he is a special partner to work with. I believe together we are going to unlock a true blockchain revolution for all gaming & esports enthusiasts. Stephen joins the Advisory board along with Jens Hilgers, John Lee, Joe Zhou, Elie Galam, Callum Laing and Pierre Maarek. We will have all the honors to meet Stephen A. Crystal, Esq. in flesh at the second edition of Kinguin & Friends conference in Warsaw 31st of January which will be announced very soon. - says Viktor Romaniuk Wanli, CEO & Founder of Kinguin.

Team Kinguin stands at the front of professional esports by supporting three pro teams in multiple titles that compete at an international level. Alongside three main teams, Team Kinguin Academy is constantly recruiting upcoming talents to help develop the scene by taking those with potential and training them to compete at the highest level. In Q2 of 2018, Team Kinguin will be launching the "Kinguin Esports Performance Center", which will be available for teams from all around the world. The venue will serve as a central location to bootcamp in Europe where they can fine tune their skills and push themselves to become the best.

An additional project that Kinguin is working on, is the Esports HUB. The HUB will be a real world facility in which esports fans, esports players and general members of the community can meet, compete and enjoy a welcoming atmosphere while following esports tournaments from all around the world. The scale of franchise is not limited to Poland, they intend to bring the HUB through-out the world to all gaming & esports fans. Whether this is in the middle East, Europe or Asia, they want to create a centralized location in which members of the community can band together and share their passion with one another.

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