This Giveaway is all about the Overwatch!

The game is set in the near future, a few years after the rebellious artificial intelligence wanted to destroy the human race.

To end this conflict, the United Nations has created the Overwatch – a group of the most talented creatures from all around the world.

After the war, the group was transformed into a peaceful organization, but over time, the organization began to fade, and finally, after a mysterious explosion at Overwatch Headquarters, the group was disbanded…


On May 24th the Overwatch is coming back!

Blizzard’s latest title has everything you need for the perfect game:
Memorable and expressive characters, one of the most colorful/amazing universes amongst the multiplayer titles, great team-oriented gameplay and a whole bunch of skins to get.

What else? Overwatch is also a game that, in a very short period of time, will gain great popularity among the audience of e-sports. This is a title that you want to watch almost as much as you want to play.

Who is hosting the giveaway? Meet Overwatch Central!

Overwatch Central was created in September 2015 by Markus “Mysca” Gür and Ryan “Yorkraz” Horton. It’s a brand and YouTube channel producing video content focused around Blizzard Entertainment’s new IP “Overwatch”.

Since last year the channel has grown and has more than 25,000 subscribers on YouTube with over 2 million total views.

Recently they’ve expanded to livestreaming on Twitch and are looking to develop their presence in the Overwatch eSports scene.

This is your chance to grab an Overwatch PC key!

How to become the owner of the newest Blizzard title?


This Giveaway is all about the Overwatch!

The giveaway starts on 21st May and ends on 26th May.

Winners will be announced on 26th May in this blog post.

Stay tuned!!!