HelpBots enter Phase 2, will take over LiveChat for 1 week for testing purposes

Instant LiveChat replies, up to 80% reduction of ticket waiting time, and a better experience overall - these are our Customer Support goals for the near future. In order to achieve them, we will be launching a week-long Phase 2 test for our support bots, enabling them take over LiveChat duties.

Testing period will start on 4 April. During this time, Felicia the Robot Penguin will be providing answers to your questions on LiveChat, learning how to do it better and getting constantly updated. Our traditional chat will be back on 11 April.

We realize that at first, this may seem like an inconvenience, but when the bots get properly adjusted, they should provide solutions to more than 90% of your queries within a matter of seconds. This will let our carbon-based staff focus entirely on your tickets, usually created when a more serious issue arises. When we’re done improving the system, the time you need to wait until your solution arrives should decrease up to 80% across all channels!

Help us improve our Customer Support

Don’t hesitate to use our LiveChat during the testing period. On the contrary - use it as much as you need! The more opportunities Felicia has to interact with you, the better she will become. Remember that you can always contact a person by creating a ticket HERE. We will also appreciate it if you leave a review of your HelpBot experience after a chat with Felicia. Chat with her HERE.