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What Is Kinguin Integration?

Kinguin Integration is a web service provided by the Kinguin.net marketplace. It allows the sellers to integrate their stores with the marketplace and easily import product lists, containing current product attributes and prices determined by the seller himself.

How Does It Work?

Check the guidelines for help with creating your integration using the API.

How To Use Kinguin Integration?

Sellers themselves decide how they conduct their sales. There are no limitations in using our solution for selling games. However, you can’t use it for collecting and analyzing the data only.

What Is Required To Use Kinguin Integration?

Nothing special is required. You can use the service to integrate every open source e-commerce platform or one developed by yourself. Some developer knowledge and effort are needed at first, but you will quickly realize Kinguin Integration is really easy to use.

How To Integrate With Kinguin Integration?

Check the guidelines for help with creating your integration using the API.

What Is The Cost Of Using Kinguin Integration?

It’s free. No setup fees or hidden costs. You pay only for that you have sold.

How Big Is The Product List?

Our product list is the biggest on the market with almost 15,000 titles.

What Are The Product Details?

When you integrate your store with our service, you will see all of the information that your customers need to make a purchase decision. Please check the example below.