Quiz Winners of Battlefield Challenge


The Battlefield Hardline with Fnatic Contest continues! And it’s time to take it to the next level!



It’s not an everyday opportunity to take up that kind of a challenge and have a chance to win a match with Fnatic the Battlefield 4 Champions! Many of you have tried, but only some of you have succeeded! After the first stage of this contest, we have selected 20 people with the best answers who will join the next stage of this great competition.

Boyz from Fnatic Team have made it quite challenging, so let’s recall the correct answers:

  • What popular faction was re-introduced in Battlefield 4? China
  • Which Battlefield-title first introduced destruction? Battlefield: Bad Company
  • The ACB-90 knife got its acronym from which inspiration? A developers respective other
  • How many DLC packages are currently available for BF4? 5
  • How many individual Battlefield titles are currently available? 12
  • Battlefield developer DICE originated out of which famous demo group? TSL (The Silents)
  • In Battlefield 4 level altering destruction events occur. What is it called? Levolution
  • What is the highest total amount of players allowed in a Battlefield server? 64
  • What are the four classes in Battlefield 4? Assault/Engineer/Support/Recon
  • Which war was depicted in the first Battlefield installment? World War 2
  • What was the name of the first released Battlefield game? Battlefield 1942
  • Battlefield: Hardline is developed using the same engine as BF4. Which one? Frostbite Engine 3.0

Those 20 lucky dogs will receive an e-mail and in response they will have to give us a really good answer to a seemingly simple question: Why should we choose you from among all the rest?

So here is the rest of the lucky first stage winners:

  • Alice Smith
  • António Sousa
  • C R
  • com
  • Ertuğ Reis
  • Euro Romero
  • Giovanni de Buysere
  • Ismael Castillo Melo
  • Jean-Camille Didry
  • Joachim Krukowski
  • Jorn Van Rompaey
  • Kajetan Pilachowski
  • Kerem Rüstem Arslan
  • Kim Mortesnsen
  • Marco Russodivito
  • Marvin Kroll
  • Osman Kyamil
  • Rob Nieuwenhuijze
  • Ruben Carvalho
  • Wayrton

Make history fighting arm in arm and against one of the best e-sport players in the world. Morte, 2 Easy, DRUNKKZ3, uNFixed and Vallutaja are ready to see what you’ve got!

Bring it!